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General Performance

first post: tcanter97 wrote: <div> <p><span style="font-size:11.0pt; font-family:">I’m wonderin...

latest post: tcanter97 wrote: Here is one key: Two identical Runs on the same hardware, same co...

Public comskip 081.081 has hardware decoding!

first post: famewolf wrote: Since you have a setting for hardware decoding that you use with me...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: That looks about right, with the 086 and our testing, we found no ...

Slow Conversion, Under Utilized Processor

first post: AMDunderused wrote: So i have rebuilt my pc and just got everything set-up. MCEBuddy 2...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: No just copy the file into the MCEBuddy comskip directory or you c...

Windows 10

first post: stevenpiazza wrote: Are there any known issues with MCEBuddy and Windows 10? I noticed...

latest post: stevenpiazza wrote: Last nights conversion was great. Show converted in 40 min.

Burning/extracting subtitles

first post: habbjack wrote: Ref thread I...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: You can burn SRT and subtitles to the final file but not the image...

Remote Client, Add Files / Folders

first post: arrmo wrote: Hi, Just a thought, but - it would be nice on the Remote Client, ...

latest post: arrmo wrote: Makes sense - thanks!

"Unable to create UI Session Error" in Logs

first post: bmaaske wrote: I'm wondering about an error I always receive multiple times in my ...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Any which ways this only impacts folks using hardware encoding, yo...

Audio sync issues after commercial cut using AVIdemux

first post: bmaaske wrote: Commercial cuts were a little choppy using FFMPEG so I added the "C...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: No these aren't configurable. Just two tools based in user prefere...

Source resolution incorrect in log

first post: farside847 wrote: I noticed by chance that when looking in my conversion log file the...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: It on the mcebuddy early access webpage

Custom Rename, creating directory?

first post: sfatula wrote: Can the custom rename feature create directories? What I want to do...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: If you're using nPVR you can configure it to generate a metadata X...