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HD settings

first post: Rickt wrote: I usually record in SD to save hard drive space. Now that they came...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: I think you should spend some time understanding video quality. HD...

2 TV shows with the same name

first post: Rickt wrote: I record The odd couple the original and (2015) The difference Mi...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Yes. Try adding the broadcast year

Tivo SkipMode

first post: WillTschumy wrote: Hi all, After many years of nursing Media Center along, I've final...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Will check it out

Comskip slows down tremendously when doing simultaneous conversions

first post: bob0909 wrote: I just started using the latest early access version of MCEBuddy, a...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: probably a good question to post on the comskip forum also. Are yo...

Ideas why WMC is locking recording beyond end?

first post: rwhapham wrote: I use Windows Media Center (on Windows 7 Ultimate 32-bit) for my OT...

latest post: rwhapham wrote: **rboy1 wrote:** > Mcebuddy polls for updates every 5 minutes. You ...

Ad Markers Offset by Trimming Start of Video

first post: bdubs1212 wrote: I am using MCEBuddy (donator version) to process PlayOn videos with...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Good point, will check it out.

Audio/video increasingly out of sync

first post: rowbot wrote: Hi, Converting a load of WTV and DVR-MS, and for every resulting ...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Mpg or TS is fine (VOB is not supported as a container but it cont...

answered by: rboy1 wrote: Are you using hardware encoding? If so try turning it off. Bad hard...

live tv detection

first post: renegaid wrote: Can MCEBuddy be used for Live TV detection? If so how do you do it?

Missing FAQ 11? Nvidia support?

first post: snowmirage wrote: Just started using MCEBuddy again, did some searching to see if any...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: we' consolidated it, start from the top of the FAQ's (1). Anyways...

Help: GUI Won't Start

first post: gmusgrave wrote: I've moved this to the "Issues" section

latest post: rboy1 wrote: For handling window resizing and high DPI operations.