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Bottom half of encodes are green :(

first post: WillTschumy wrote: All of a sudden, the bottom half of my encodes are green. My compu...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Conversion Task -> Expert settings. Why disable when you can use w...

Running on Windows Home Server in VM?

first post: ktide1 wrote: OK, quick question that I haven't seen addressed elsewhere. I run ...

latest post: ktide1 wrote: Awesome, thanks!

answered by: rboy1 wrote: If the file is available when you restore the machine it will pick ...

GPU/Hardware Encoding and Acceleration FAQ's

first post: rboy1 wrote: This thread is a quick compilation of the FAQ's being asked around ...

latest post: JoshDi wrote: jswartz wrote: Thanks for the detailed information - it's been qui...

answered by: rboy1 wrote: Thanks!

File Size Using Custom Profile - Newb Questions

first post: ktide1 wrote: Hello All! So I'm relatively new to MCEBuddy and need some clarifi...

latest post: ktide1 wrote: @rboy1 Thank you for the response! I haven't had time to come back...

silicon dust borked it

first post: techpro2004 wrote: Silicondust released a update a few days ago to the win 10 app and ...

latest post: techpro2004 wrote: thanks. As long as we are talking about metadata. It would be nice ...

Feature Request

first post: ggrussell wrote: Still find MCEBuddy options confusing to use. Would like to see so...

Ad Markers Offset by Trimming Start of Video

first post: bdubs1212 wrote: I am using MCEBuddy (donator version) to process PlayOn videos with...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Resolved

answered by: rboy1 wrote: Resolved

2 TV shows with the same name

first post: Rickt wrote: I record The odd couple the original and (2015) The difference Mi...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Conversion task settings -> custom rename

answered by: rboy1 wrote: Conversion task settings -> custom rename

Conversion Stops Before End Of Recording

first post: rob762x51 wrote: While trying to convert many long WTV files, I found MCE Buddy fail...

answered by: rob762x51 wrote: While trying to convert many long WTV files, I found MCE Buddy fail...

HDHomerun DVR - Leave metadata behind while moving file.

first post: AMDunderused wrote: I am trying to figure out how i can just leave behind the recogniza...

latest post: rboy1 wrote:

answered by: rboy1 wrote: Hmm okay so there was a bug in filecopy and a missing quote in the ...