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Tray icon

Nov 15, 2012 at 9:44 PM

I'm very much a newbee to video conversion, associated software and jargon, but have used an outdated MCEBuddy version 1.1 (64bit) to successfully convert about 80 recorded movies to MP4 since the end of August. I just updated my MCEBuddy to version 2.3.8 64bit earlier today and appear to be getting some interesting results from my test runs... but it seems I no longer have a system-tray icon. I've grown very dependent on this useful icon as a (mouse-over) progress indicator as well as an indicator to quickly determine whether the program is actively tasking. Has the tray icon purposely been removed in v2x or is something broken? I'm a bit concerned that it may be due to an improper or incomplete uninstall of my previous version prior to the update.

~ Win-7 Pro, SP 1 (64bit)  ~ Intel Core i5-3450 Ivy Bridge 3.1GHz (3.5GHz Turbo) ~ 16 GB RAM ~

-- Rick

Nov 15, 2012 at 10:40 PM

Rick there's no support for the tray icon in 2.x as yet, you can raise a ticket under issue tracker as an enhancement request and I look into it. You can use teh email settings to get notificaitons for successful or failed conversions.


2.3.8 and 1.1 can be installed simultaneously (as long as thye don't share the same monitor directory). You'll have to go into more details on what the interesting results are and also attach the relevant log files.

Nov 18, 2012 at 1:26 AM

Thank you very kindly rboy1, for your very speedy and helpful reply... please excuse the delay of mine. I really appreciate the fact that you've fully addressed my concerns and reasons for posting to this forum. It's very clear from what you've posted that my install is indeed clean, and that I need not waste time troubleshooting something that's not broken. On another note, I should mention that my use of the words "interesting results" was largely intended to be understood as something positive. My first test run of 2.3.8 for example (using default settings) produced an MP4 file which played back in Windows Media Player with an overly-contrasted picture, somewhat jagged/blotchy/overlapped outlines, and at a frame width of only 704 pixels (and shortened height). The same MP4 file played back using VLC Media Player however, displayed at its expected 720 pixel width (and correct ratio height), but with a rather grainy and low contrast (washed out) picture. A difference of day and night between the two. I quickly learned however, that applying the [Disable cropping] setting fully resolved this unexpected (and inconsistent) end result. With time permitting, I'm still in my testing phase with 2.3.8, but I'm convinced it will indeed live up to all my expectations as I become more familiar with its increased variety of available features and settings. I'm still in the learning process... and I find it "interesting".

As a rule, Windows Media Player has been my MP4 playback software of choice... mainly because of its richer, more natural looking picture quality (using default settings). Files played back with the Windows player however, must not be interrupted during play (by pausing, skipping ahead, jumping back, etc.) as it usually results in the audio portion falling out of sync. Audio synchronisation on the other hand, has NEVER been an issue while using the VLC player (at default settings), so this is clearly an issue with the Windows player itself and not the converter. The ability to skip ahead during playback is most desirable with files I've already created with MCEBuddy 1.1 as it never once removed a commercial for me. Version 2.3.8 appears to be removing commercials, but at the moment, still requires further testing with additional source-files to make sure I've finally got it right. If not, I'm luckily already aware of the documentation available to assist with further tweaking in this area.

Thanks again rboy1, you've been extremely helpful!

-- Rick

Nov 19, 2012 at 6:13 PM

I've added support for an system tray icon in 2.3.9