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Newer builds = slower conversion and heavier CPU load.

Dec 30, 2012 at 3:04 AM

First of all, let me say thank you for the program. I found it a very long time ago by accident and it worked great. I don't remember the particular build but it was 1.something. Keep in mind this has probably been a couple of years ago...

Anyway... I had an old single core Dell Dimensions 3000 that was maxed out at 2GB of RAM and had a Pentium 4 that was I think, like, 2.4ghz. The only thing the computer did was record TV and convert it with MCE Buddy so I could watch it on my TV and stream music, photos etc. Granted, she was loaded down converting, recording and streaming media across my home network, but she did it. Then last week Big Girl gave out! Not just a hard drive... she'd had many of those... she melted down LOL!

So, for the past so many years, I never updated builds. I never updated anything unless it was Windows Vista updates and it all worked with no fuss. The only thing I heard was a gentle hum from the fan in the bedroom cabinet. With that in mind... I am now very confused!

So I replaced it with another computer I had, Optiplex with 4GB of RAM and Pentium D dual core 2.8ghz processor with SATA drives. Everything on the surface would make me think it should handle this all WAY easier and WAY faster but that isn't the case. I did a fresh format to clean it and it's running Windows 7 but it just kills itself to do what the old computer did. I mean we're talking to CPU is maxed out, fans pushing so much air it sounds like an old box fan and MCE Buddy is taking 3-4 hours for a 1/2 program. The only thing else that runs is Plex Media Server so I can watch the shows on my Samsung BD D5700 that has a Plex app on it. It's so bad... I have to stop conversions at night to sleep and during the day I can hear it 2 rooms away. I'm not doing a commercial skip... Converting to MP4... the only thing additionally I ask it to do is delete the original after conversion.

So... to my question... What is the lightest version of MCE Buddy available and what settings do I need for this thing to convert more quickly. My old computer setup with the old build was doing it far faster so I am only to believe the builds have gotten heavier as improvements have been added. Any ideas as to how to lighten the load and speed things up? 

Dec 30, 2012 at 6:46 AM

Okay I'm having to type is again, because this crappy website timed out so I'll make it short:


1. Apples to apples comparison, with time MCEBuddy profiles have gotten better in quality and faster in speed. I.e. MP4 High Quality has gotten better in quality and needs more time to convert, where as MP4 Fast has becomes faster keeping the same quality or better.

So really you need to evaluate what profile you're using, it's High Quality, do you really need the quality or speed of Fast? Maybe try Normal as a compromise.


2. This is a very CPU intensive process with CPU running anywhere between 70 to 100% depending upon the number of simultaneous conversions. Having said that the CPU fan noise depends on your system configureation. Remember, faster CPU's, more RAM , more Cores mean MORE heat and it means higher fan speeds to keep it cool. Also design plays a huge role. My E6410 Dual Core runs a heck of a lot more silently than my M6400 Dual Core. So I use an external fan with my M6400 which is much more silent and keep it running cooler and at lower internal fan speeds. (Commercial skipping is even keep on CPU Util, it's recoding that takes CPU and those too are profile dependent - e.g. Divx profiles are VERY CPU intensive compared to MP4).

Try what I do at night on my workstation, I set the priority to low which generally keeps it running cooler and more silently.


To recap:

1. Check what profiles you're using, there's a trade off between quality and speed, apples to apples, new profiles/versions are faster and better in quality

2. Use computers with lower heat specs /external and low priority to keep it running cooler and more silently.

Jan 13, 2013 at 6:17 AM

clay282, I noticed the same thing and I posted my question here: