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Feb 17, 2013 at 7:39 PM
I have scoured the internet for good comskip.ini's, but even on the comskip developers page there aren't any really good ones available. I used try to convert all my shows with one ini, but soon realized that having a custom comskip.ini for different channels was the way to go, because so many channels handle their logo appearance and black/silent frames differently.

The developers here at MCEBuddy have such a fantastic program and the use of custom tasks within the MCEBuddy GUI allows you to setup a different task for different comskip.ini's. I have uploaded 4 of my tweaked comskip.ini's to the MCEBuddy ftp site ( They include an ini for FX, ABC, USA, and a general for all other channels. I am in the US and use Comcast.
Feb 27, 2013 at 7:00 PM
Thanks, I've created a dedicated page for the custom comskip.ini's

It's also linked on the main Documentation page.
Feb 28, 2013 at 2:12 PM
I've uploaded four of my custom comskip.ini's. I've re-organized the parameters a little to make it easier to find things. Interesting to see what values others are using. I actually find that tuning the brightness and uniformity values has had little affect on correctly identifying commericals. I've found the most difficult part is removing the shows before/after without clipping the program. Tuning this aspect can be highly dependent on how much extra you record on either side of the show. My tune for NFL Network was the hardest due to a ticker, inconsistent logo placement, and numerous aspect ratio changes from highlight clips. I suspect this tune will also work well with other sports prgramming, such as ESPN.
Sep 24 at 11:37 PM
Edited Sep 24 at 11:56 PM
Do either of you have an updated comskip for CBS or ABC?

For ABC I am having an issue where a lot of ads are not getting cut out at all. had a 55 mins file for Agents of SHIELD, I used Wilky13 ABC ini

for CBS i'm seeing that the first 3 seconds or so are getting shaved off of every show. Normally I don't mind that much since its just "Previously on..." But for newer shows it just jumps right in and I miss part of the show.

rboy1 could you perhaps create an option that overrides the ini and just tells mcebuddy to keep in the few seconds even though it normally would cut it? similar to the custom cuts you introduced in the last version?

To be clear I would still want the custom cuts to work, but for example:
I have a 1:10:00 recording
there is an extra 2 mins in the front which I have told MCe buddy to cut
and 7 on the end i told it to cut
then the comskip runs thru the file to detect ads in the selected section
override the detection for the beginning (and even the end I actually would love that as well) of the show by allowing us to tell mce buddy to keep "x amount" of seconds before the ini indicated the start was, then cut out like normal. same for the end too if that's possible.

I've tried fiddling with the .ini myself but it seems to get worse, or doesn't do anything at all.

Thanks for any advice!
On Comcast Cable using a Ceton InfiniTV tuner card,
Sep 25 at 12:43 PM
First 3 seconds is due to the profile and remuxing. See this sticky thread on how to correct that.

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Sep 25 at 2:20 PM
ok, I will give that a go

for the abc issue I used a different .ini file and I got much better results, the only thing that is still lacking is for SHIELD episodes they also have a small 50s tag on piece after the last commercial break it just doesn't seem to register that it just cuts to the next show. Obviously this has got something to do with tweaking the ini, I see that there is a logo popping up for those 50s (not the standard ABC logo, but the ABC Channel 7 Blue Logo), and Im not quite sure what to adjust to have it catch that last little bit. I read this here

Also in the set up for new users you mentioned ShowAnalyzer v2.12. I went here

But they only have v1.0, I dont see a 2.12 version anywhere. In your opinion would this option work better than comskip for ad detection?
Oct 2 at 4:10 AM
v2.12 is MCEBuddy version that supports the features mentioned in the documentation
Oct 31 at 7:05 PM
Starting v2.4.1 there is a GUI based Comskip INI Editor included in the MCEBuddy\Comskip installation folder. You can use this to understand the various options and edit them through the GUI directly without having to manually edit/understand the options.