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Convert and compress Recorded TV

Oct 18, 2013 at 12:17 PM
I had no idea about this project before asking over at the MePo forum, original thread here. Mcebuddy looks to be what I'm looking for :)
I have it installed and done some testruns and it works great, but I have some questions and need some advice.

First some short info.
I use MePo tv-server to record SD tv channels.
I want some recordings (filename matching) converted and put in another folder, sourcefiles untouched.
I am recording hockeygames from the NHL at night and want to watch the recording at work during the day. I live in Sweden and NHL hockey games are mostly in the middle of the night for me. Recordings normally is about three hours long.

Now to the questions...
I will put the converted file to my dropbox and that I can access from work. At work the internet connection isn't superfast so getting the file down to my client probably takes some time, and when watching it I will use a fairly small windows to watch the game in, maximizing the window when something I want to see happen in the game.
So filesize is importent to keep it small, and quality isn't really that important.
Does any of you do something similar to this and have good and useful info or even a good profile to share that I can use?

Also, how do I get MCEBuddy to "run as a service"? Yes I know there is a service... but what I'm talking about is setting it up to monitor my "Recorded TV" folder without having to do or trigger anything from a GUI once it is setup correctly. My TV server is set to install updates and other stuff and reboots maybe once a week or month or something - and whenever it does that i don't want to have to logon and start mcebuddy and hit a button or something...
i guess that are all the dumb questions for now :)
Oct 18, 2013 at 2:13 PM
Starting with you last, it's a service, once you start from the GUI, you can close the GUI and walk away, it'll keep monitoring the folders you've setup to Monitor (refer to Getting Started guide).

The Fast, Normal and HQ profiles are just what is says, quality of encoding. However you can always adjust them under Advanced Settings, e.g. you can reduce the Max Resolution to 320 or 640 using the slider. If the file is still too big you can reduce the quality slider to reduce the quality and lower the filesize.
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Oct 21, 2013 at 10:37 AM
Got MceBuddy up and running and works just like you said. Still some finetuning to do but all-in-all, works great :)

Thank you!