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I messed up audio transcoding, can it be salvaged?

Jun 1, 2014 at 2:55 AM
I wanted to improve video quality so I put the quality slider all the way to the right. Somewhere along the way I also moved the audio quality all the way to the right (oops!). The resulting files have very loud audio (obviously) that is distorted and full of static. The original files have been deleted. Dozens of TV shows were affected.

I suspect the audio has been clipped and an audio-only re-transcode won't solve the problem - I can't put back information that has been taken out. Regardless, I have little to lose by trying so I'm going to try to re-encode with a negative audio volume setting to see if it gets any better.

Does anyone have any experience/advice with this kind of situation. Again, I suspect it's hopeless, but it's worth a shot.