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Protected WTV converted, no video/audio in results; recycle bin not used

Jun 5, 2014 at 8:10 PM
I donated for MCEBuddy 2.X and Comskip and have had it running successfully for several months now. Many of the programs my Ceton card record from TimeWarner are protected and don't get converted but many do and when converted the result is usually a pleasure to watch. Sometimes the results have issues but typically just missing deleting some commercials; I'm testing with alternative Comskip init files to see if I can address that.

However, within the past week two different programs were converted and the end-result is a black image with no sound. When I checked the history, I noticed that for one of them - Top Chef Texas - there were 5 episodes that failed conversion and one that succeeded (though is obviously corrupted). I then checked the files and found they contain protected content. I am uploading the log of one that failed and the one that converted (and shouldn't have).

Unfortunately, about two weeks ago I switched the settings from Archive Original to Delete Original and it appears that even though I have the Use Recycle Bin setting turned on, when MCEBuddy deleted the original files they didn't end up in the recycle bin. I don't suppose there is any way to recover the original content from the converted output? This is a program that isn't being repeated and doesn't appear to be available online; as it is the finale, my wife's not going to be please at watching an entire set of these and not seeing the end.

Also, and more importantly, I'm interested in knowing whether the log file will explain why this happened and what I might do to ensure it doesn't happen again. In the mean time, I changed the settings back from Delete to Archive and I'll manually clear out archived originals once a week.

Thanks for a GREAT tool.
Jun 5, 2014 at 10:54 PM
I will check it. On a failure or protected file it should not delete the file and if you have enabled recycle bin it should use it. Did you check skip copying original or skip remuxing?

Upload the log to analyze it. Did you check ignore copy protection?
It looks at the wtv flag for copy protection. If it does not have the flag then there is no way for mcebuddy to know about it.

Jun 6, 2014 at 4:58 AM
Thanks. I uploaded logs to folder numbered/named for this thread. Also, no, had not enabled skip copying original, skip remuxing or ignore copy protection. Since the original was not archived and didn't go to recycle bin, I can't check the protection on it but the corrupted converted file does say it is protected. I uploaded the first 50MB fragment of it along with the logs.
Jun 6, 2014 at 2:51 PM
I just tested it with a copy protected and non copy protected files, with and without use recycle bin.

First of all MCEBuddy only uses the recycle bin (when enabled) for original user files and not for files created by mcebuddy (temp etc). This is to preserve the integrity of the original file.

The functionality is working perfectly fine. If the conversion fails it does not delete anything (which includes copyprotected files failing to convert). For files which convert successfully (e.g. your copy protected file where the flag is not set so mcebuddy continues with conversion) it sent the original file to the recycle bin with the delete and recycle options checked.

Check your settings or custom scripts (incase you are deleting your own files accidentally)

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