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Limit Conversions Based On File Size so I can define a higher Res for Movies

Jan 31, 2016 at 3:14 AM
I am using a Ceton Tuner and I record a lot of TV Shows and Movies

The TV Shows I don't really care if they are in SD so I set my width at 720 and my bitrate at 1200 but for Movies I would like to have them converted at a Higher Res because it does matter .. especially for fast action movies like Transformers where pixelation and garbage will occur making it unwatchable.

Since I have MCEBuddy watching my Recorded TV folder it just converts everything that ends up in there and thats good I guess ... but I also have it set to delete movies after conversion so there is no going back and I really wouldn't want to waste the time converting in low res then convert a batch of movies manually by dropping them into MCEBuddy and setting the res to a HD size.

I would like it to ignore larger Movies that are over an hour long and let me do them in a batch at a higher res.

Is there a way to do this?
Feb 4, 2016 at 7:03 AM
Well why don't you just increase the Max Width? It only downscales and not upscales. So if you original show is 480p then it'll stay at 480p even if you set the max to 720p. However if your original is 1280p it'll downscale to 720p. Hence settings it higher should resolve your problem
Feb 4, 2016 at 11:31 PM
like I said right now I have it set to 720 width at 1200 bitrate which is pretty good for upscaling to 1080 or larger on my computer but it is still soft. I really don't want to set the default at 1280p because I am harvesting off of Comcast HD for most of all of my content .. both movies and tv shows.. only a couple stations are 480p that I record off of.

I am not sure the HD Channels are all 1280 but they are full screen on my computer so they are big..


If I set it at 1080 width and kept the 1200 bit rate .. that probably wouldn't be any better would it .. it would just be larger garbage.. hmmm

Maybe I can figure out a script to watch the directory and move the larger / longer play files before they are converted i don't know.. I would probably have to find an app for that
Feb 5, 2016 at 4:32 AM
Mcebuddy does not upscale. It only limits the max resolution.

Also as the resolution increases it automatically compensates for increase or decrease in picture size by increasing or decreasing the bitrate proportionally. So just set it to 1280p and forget it :) it'll take care of the rest for you

Feb 14, 2016 at 1:50 AM
I am not sure I am explaining myself right

Obviously I could go from 720 width to 1280 width but that would mean all of my TV Shows are also at that higher resolution and I don't need them to be.

In Windows Media Center because I filtered out all the SD channels and only record on HD channels
all of my TV Channels produce .wtv files with sizes at 1280 or higher.. most of it at 1920

Right now I have my setting at 720p for everything to reduce file size
average tv shows are about 350mb
average movies at 720 are above a gig

I would not mind if the movies grew to be 2 gigs in file size if that meant better detail on playback.
but I can not store large numbers of TV Shows at full HD because of file size

My DVR Stats 16,816 files 366 folders so the archive consumes a lot of hard drive space

I would like to convert the TV Shows at 720

and convert the Movies at 1080 so they will be better quality for playback on my Television

I don't see a way to do this

The only thing i was thinking was

If an original Microsoft Media Center .wtv file is over 5gigs in size then it would be over an hour long
that means it would be a Movie and not a TV Show

and if possible convert .wtv files under 5gig or an hour long as 720
and convert .wtv files over 5gig or over an hour long as 1080

but something would have to be able to read the file size or the play length
and decide which resolution to convert at.

I hope that explains it better... probably not