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Chromecast Conversion Profile for Optimal PLEX Steaming with No Transcoding

May 4, 2016 at 8:28 PM
Hello All. Could someone PLEASE create a Chromecast conversion profile for optimal PLEX steaming with No Transcoding? I record my tv shows with my HDHomerun Prime and then convert the shows using MCEBuddy's HDHomeRun H.264 conversion profile. When I stream my converted recordings from my PLEX Media Server on my Windows PC, my CPU usage jumps to nearly 100 percent. There appears to be some transcoding going on while streaming the video. I found the optimal file format settings for Chromecast streaming in the PLEX forums ( but I don't have the time / patience to find how to apply these file format options for the 3 video encoders found in each profile of MCEBuddy's "profiles.conf" file. The URL I mentioned states the best streaming quality / performance on a Chromcast can be obtained when video files are transcoded with the following options:

VideoContainer: MKV or MP4 with FASTSTART(Web Optimized)
Codec: H264
Resolution: Original (1080p)
Bitrate: 21 CRF
Level: 4.2
Rate Control: VBV Buffer size 13,000 VBV Maximum Bitrate 13,000
B-Frame: 4

AudioCodec: AAC
Bitrate: 320 or higher​
Channels 5.1
Jul 7, 2016 at 10:14 PM
Wow, Really ?, No one on these forums who uses MCEBuddy streams their converted videos over PLEX ?