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MCEBuddy Crash

Aug 6, 2016 at 2:44 PM

I spent most of yesterday trying out version 2.4.4 of MCEBuddy. Just as I went to place in production, MCEBuddy started crashing. While I see the error in the log, I don't know what it means. Can anyone help?


INFORMATION> 2016-08-05T17:09:40 --> Successfully send eMail
INFORMATION> 2016-08-05T17:11:57 MCEBuddy.Engine.Core --> Job for \MEDIACENTER\Recorded TV2\Animal Kingdom_TNTHD_2016_07_12_21_00_00.wtv completed
ERROR> 2016-08-05T17:11:57 MCEBuddy.Engine.Core --> MCEBuddy Monitor Thread Crashed. Error: System.NullReferenceException: Object reference not set to an instance of an object.
at MCEBuddy.Engine.Core.MonitorThread()
INFORMATION> 2016-08-05T17:12:55 MCEBuddy.Engine.Core --> MCEBuddy Stop by system initiated
INFORMATION> 2016-08-05T17:12:55 MCEBuddy.Engine.Core --> MCEBuddy engine stopped
Aug 8, 2016 at 2:18 AM
Upgrade to 2.4.5, it' was fixed in that build
Aug 9, 2016 at 11:18 PM
I received email support over the weekend and the upgrade corrected the problem.