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718p video crashes Xbox MCX

Nov 19, 2016 at 1:51 AM
When ever I try to play a video that has been cropped to 718p (718x1280) on my Xbox 360 Extender, Media Center crashes on the Xbox and kicks me to the Xbox Start Screen. MP4. x264, AAC (Normal or HQ Profiles)

This happens whether I try and play the video through Pictures + Videos or through My Movies plugin.

I can 'push' the same video to my Xbox Extender by using "play to" or "cast to" from my desktop PC running Windows, but that's not a 'solution' I'm hoping to find.

I have turned off cropping of the video from all of my MCEBuddy profiles, but that only helps some of the time.

The systems I am referring to all have various versions of Shark007 running on them using the "suggested" settings -- yes, I know lots of people HATE shark007 tools, but other than this one issue (which may not be related) it plays back all the formats I could want (video and audio) just fine.

I have tried "re-encoding" the 718 video but as long as the output is 718x1280, the file crashes the Xbox.

I have tried keeping the audio and video intact, and just adjusting the aspect ratio, but either I am doing something wrong, or this change to the file doesn't have an impact.

Has anyone else come across this problem? Maybe a different resolution with the same effect?

The only 'solution' I have found is to use an app like Xmedia Recode to keep the aspect ratio, but stretch the image to 720x1280 or using Avidemux to add "borders" to the top or bottom of the frame.

I have tried (not terribly hard) to create a mencoder or ffmpeg profile to "fix" these video sizes, but while I have got quite good at Handbrake CLI, the other two are still out of my grasp -- Handbrake can not add lines to a frame, can it?
Nov 24, 2016 at 6:26 PM
Yes I think handbrake can do that but you may need to check the documentation for it or their forum and the make the corresponding changes to the profile.