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Comskip Only - triggering delete of wtv file

Jan 7 at 2:32 AM
I'm trying to recreate my previous setup after having to rebuild my system. I'm looking to have MCEBuddy trigger doing commercial detection and generate an edl file without any other processing of the show. I have checked detect commercials only and it is generating the edl file. However, when it completes it seems to be triggering the delete action in serverwmc which then deletes the edl file.

I've been trying all the settings I can find, but they all seem to result in MCEBuddy copying the original file back over itself at the end. Is there a setting somewhere so that it generates the edl but does not touch the wtv file otherwise? I had this working fine before so it would seem to be a setting somewhere that I just can't seem to get figured back out.

Jan 9 at 4:15 PM
Have you checked the delete original option? Attach a link to your conversion log file and mcebuddy.log files
Jan 12 at 2:07 PM
Got this figured out.

I had to select rename without converting. Even though I had selected WTV Unprocessed it seems MCEBuddy was copying the "converted" file back over the original. Now it just renames (and since the naming format is blank it keeps the original name).

Side question: Is there a way to export your settings and conversion tasks so you can use them on a new install?
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Feb 5 at 11:00 PM
See the release notes and you can search the forum, mcebuddy backs up settings on uninstall and restores them on a new install.