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Start transcoding task automatically?

Jan 21 at 1:03 PM
Edited Jan 21 at 1:08 PM
I have the donate version 2.4.6 and set up to monitor my Media Center recorded TV folder but mcebuddy does not begin the MP4 transcoding task automatically. I have to go in and hit "start". Is there a way to get this to happen automatically, preferably at a specific time, like in the wee hours when using a lot of CPU resources won't be an issue. BTW, love how this works with media center and Plex.
Jan 21 at 2:38 PM
Never mind, folks. I have figured this out from the advanced settings... Only issue now is with Plex, trying to find the best way to get the converted recording named and delivered to a folder that Plex knows how to deal with so they are orgnized and displayed properly. Hope that challenge isn't too difficiult.
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