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MCEBuddy file size limit

Jan 22 at 7:42 PM
Is there a size limit? I have recorded TV shows that are each 5 hours long with .mpg files that are 19-33GB in size. MCEBuddy did not convert them and when I drag/drop them into MCEBuddy it appears to start "Working" but then stops and the file is dropped from the conversion window. This was true with the last free version as well the latest paid version which I bought and installed today. Many thanks in advance for any information and/or suggestions!
Jan 24 at 1:04 PM
How much space do you have for the temp files that are generated? It takes quite a bit more space to do the conversion than just the file size.
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Jan 24 at 9:50 PM
Good point/question, many thanks. I have about 44GB available on my OS drive (a SSD), and the files I want to convert take up 19-33GB each. I seem to recall reading somewhere that MCEBuddy needs as much as triple the file size free for Temp storage for the conversion. If that's the case then I need much more. I have nearly 2TB available for TEMP use in a RAID, so I suppose I can use that by changing my TEM folder. Any thoughts on that would be appreciated.
Jan 25 at 12:58 PM
try it and see :)