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Public share, but Mce still says needs Domain, user name and password...

Jan 30 at 11:08 PM
Edited Jan 30 at 11:38 PM

Running 2.4.6 on a Windows 10 virtual machine, the attached storage for the VM is using UnRaid and I have a public share setup for my tv and movies content on my NAS so Plex, or my download server, or my cloudbackup can see the files easily on a particular share.. i.e there is no password setup or needed for those applications

I don't really want to moves folders around and duplicate work. What I need is MCEBuddy to overnight look at the recorded files on public share, remove the adverts and delete the old versions, should be straight forward (ideally keep files in same folder)

How can I get MceBuddy to see these public folders please?

(if this can't be done I might have to ask for $30 back that I paid, as didn't know this would be an issue).. but I hope you can help. Currently see this message in logs:
Return code is 1450
Insufficient system resources exist to complete the requested service
WARNING> 2017-01-30T23:24:09 MCEBuddy.Engine.QueueManager --> Manually selected file \TOWER\Films, Series, Video content\NPVR\Recorded TV\You've Been Framed (2002)\Season 2017\You've Been Framed (2002) - 2017-01-28 00 00 00 - King Size .ts does not exist or MCEBuddy doesn't have read permissions, skipping
INFORMATION> 2017-01-30T23:27:06 MCEBuddy.Engine.Core --> MCEBuddy engine stopped
INFORMATION> 2017-01-30T23:27:06 MCEBuddy.Engine.Core --> Setting engine last running state to stop

Popup screen seems to be saying I need to manually in credentials for pc logged on user... which is a really bad idea for anyone who cares about the security of their servers/pcs.. not sure why MceBuddy needs that (I work for a security company and see massive attacks from IoT (internet of things) so I aint adding my secret credentials to some random software app to harvest... don't take offence... but you wouldn't give me your admin credentials would you :-) ?

Cheers, Julian
Feb 5 at 10:12 PM
Clarifying your point, it's network credentials and not PC credentials. If you don't have any network credentials (i.e. public share for everyone), then enter Guest with no password on the network credentials box. You can find more details on the Documentation page under Common issues.
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