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New to MCE Buddy, looking for help with HDHomeRun

Mar 1 at 11:57 AM
I'm in the beginning stages of setting up MCEBuddy (premium access). Does anyone have any recommendations in setting up MCEBuddy for use with HDHomeRun?

Also, is it possible to have MCEBuddy run as a service so it's on all the time?
Mar 1 at 1:24 PM
It is supposed to be run as a service.

Are you talking about HDHomerun DVR? If so, you point MCEBuddy to the directory where it records to.
Mar 3 at 9:50 PM
If you look here
You can see the settings I use for PlexDVR ... I think they will work for HDHomeRun as well.

And yes it's supposed to run as a service.