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Output to input folder?

Mar 8 at 12:06 PM
Is there any way to define output to same folder as input?

I got tv-shows in one folder, all in their own folders. I've set MCEB to monitor the upper folder, so any folder inside will be converted. But the problem is that the output has to be the same folder.

Is there any way to set output to same folder as the orginal?

I'm using Plex as the input and output and would like to replace recorded file inside Plex folder, so Plex would think it as the same file as the orginal.
Mar 9 at 4:25 PM
When you rest your mouse over the text in MCEBuddy it gives you pop up help.
The destination folder help mentions that if you leave it blank the output folder is the same as the input folder.
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Mar 10 at 6:27 PM
Thanks, rboy1.
I never did notice that field names will also show tooltips.