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how to reduce file size?

Apr 6 at 4:01 PM
ok so lets see how this goes...

I am now recording a mess of shows and one for the wife is one a day for five days a week.
That show recorded on the HDHR Prime in the ts file is about 3-4gb.
profile to set to 1080p becomes 6-9gb!!!!!!
so i changed it to 720p and now it is 3-4gb....
way too big...

I record
24 legacy

and a few other tv series. These come out to 2-3gb @ 1080p and 1.5gb @ 720p.

I have a guy at work that doesnt record his shows... he "obtains them" and their files are 300mb MAX @ 720p.

how can I get my files smaller like that, then I can change back to 1080p and hopefully a very smaller file size.

input on profile recommendations?
Apr 7 at 1:20 PM
which do you want, small size or high quality, you don't get both