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Multiple different coversion tasks

Apr 10 at 8:38 PM
I have one conversion task going on for a long time and no problem there. This task removes the commercials and converts the video to mkv.

Now I want a second conversion task that will only converts video files to mkv without remving the commercials.

This because these video files are full hd video files and have commercials in them. The commercial remving for full hd files takes forever so I just want them converted.

I did setup that second task but now all video files are processed by both tasks.
Is it possible to have two tasks that do only the video files needed and not being processed by both tasks?

Apr 17 at 12:23 AM
You can put them in different folders and have different monitor tasks for each folder and then link those monitor tasks to specific conversion tasks in the Conversion Task Expert Settings under Monitor Locations.

Of you can setup filter by filenames in the conversion tasks so they process only specific types of shows.