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If Comskip fails, continue anyway

Apr 13 at 4:22 AM
Edited Apr 13 at 4:23 AM
Is there any setting or rule that can be made that if Comskip fails then continue anyway instead of failing the entire job?

I have random shows that fail. Usually they are weekend shows when a set of tv stations have the rookies in the control room and their commercials are messed up like sometimes a few seconds of blank blackness instead of the quick unnoticeable blackness then commercial.

What I currently do is delete the recordings from history and add them manually which has a different set of rules (no comskip) but that messes up my schedule and computer resources.

It would be nice if it continues on like it does when art fails to download.
Apr 17 at 12:21 AM
If comskip fails it's considered a critical failure (failing is different from not finding commercials). Since the user has configured commercial detection it is expected to complete successfully hence if it's fails it's considered a mark as failed conversion. The real question is to ask why is comskip failing and have that issue fixed.