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Multiple instances of MCEBuddy Engine on one machine

Apr 27 at 7:10 PM
Is there any method to setup multiple engines or create some kind of priority control with the conversion jobs to control what jobs run when.

My goal is pretty simple in that I would like to ensure a simply conversion process to change a container during post processing of plex immediately runs withing a given number of potential jobs. Then independently i would like to allow another engine to do more long running process like convert the resulting files from the plex post process to HVEC.

In my research the things i have found that kind of address this revolve around installing MCEBuddy on multiple machines. In my case i would really like to keep this all on my main server machine if possible. I tried to install the tool a second time and it prevented me from doing so. I do believe that alone would let me address my desire. If not creating up some sort of conversion pool jobs would be as sufficient.