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Huge conversion task log file

Jun 4 at 2:18 AM
Edited Jun 4 at 3:14 PM
OK, just discovered a very odd occurrence I haven't seen before. I've done a few conversions over the last couple of days and all process just fine. However, I checked the log files just to check the FPS rate on a few of them, and noticed something strange. Most had reasonable log file sizes 10-20mb or so. But 2 of them had HUGE log file sizes - like 4-5 GB! They're so large that notepad won't open them. I can't see any rhyme or reason to it, as pretty much all the conversions are BD rips that were ripped using MakeMKV, all with identical settings on both MakeMKV and MCEBuddy.

Any ideas as to what would be the cause of these unbelievably large log files?

Note: I just recently updated to 2.4.6 (was on 2.4.4 prior).
Jun 10 at 2:06 PM
Errors in the video file, the encoders will print a debug message for each error, so if there are lots of errors and a large video file you'll see large logs. But nothing to worry as long as the output is fine, the logs will be deleted automatically after 15 days (default setting)
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Jun 11 at 12:48 PM
Makes sense, thank you.