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This Wiki contains the FAQ's and User Guide to using MCEBuddy 2.x

In this Wiki you can find basic usage guides, advanced conversion parameters and FAQ's. These will updated from time to time to keep up with feedback and changes.

The getting started basic MCEBuddy User Guide is availiable at MCEBuddy User Guide

  • To understand the basics or advanced features of MCEBuddy, use the Documentation link and browse the pages.
  • If you have any questions, please use the Discussion page to ask questions and get answers
  • If you have found any bugs, please use the Issue Tracker link to submit them with as many details as possible to allow us to replicate.If possible upload a directly there or to an FTP server below and provide the filename in the ticket.
  • If you have any enhancements, suggestions or feature requests, please use the Dicussions page to submit them with details/scenarios
  • If you want the latest version of MCEBuddy, goto the Downloads link. Each release has it's own directory and the 32bit and 64bit versions for each release are in each directory. Remote Client Installation is OPTIONAL. You can extract the files from the zip archive into a local folder and run MCEBuddy.GUI directly from there (helps when there is no administrative rights).

Hope you enjoy this program.

Ramit & Derek

PS - Thanks to Suma for help with getting the User Guide done.

Personal End User Software License

MCEBuddy 2.x is an open source software project licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. MCEBuddy 2.x End-User license is free of charge for NON-COMMERCIAL personal use.


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