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MCEBuddy 2.3.12

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Released: Apr 7, 2013
Updated: Nov 12, 2013 by rboy1
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Release Notes

Changelog for 2.3.12 (32bit and 64bit)

1. Added only renaming files in Conversion Options. When selected, all video processing options are disabled, except for Custom Commands
2. MKV/AVI/TS profiles now support output for Multiple Audio tracks if the input contains multiple audio tracks and Audio Language is set to <Default>
3. Added handling standBy or hibernate states
4. Added CPUAffinity parameter in MCEBuddy.conf. Refer to documentation for more details
5. Added %ismovie%<RenamePatternIfTrue,RenamePatternIfFalse> to the custom renaming. This allows for 2 separate renaming patterns if it’s a movie or if it’s a TV show
6. Added DownloadBanner=false in mcebuddy.conf to override downloading banner/artwork
7. New Features: Added support for adding subtitles (SRT) files (either from the Closed Captions or a SRT file with the source video) to MKV and MP4 files
8. Added support for adding chapters to MP4 and MKV files when Skip Commercial Cutting is enabled so that one can skip the commercials like chapters
9. Added support to link Monitor Tasks to Conversion Tasks
10. Added support for Channel name matching to Conversion Tasks
11. Added support for using Recycle Bin when deleting the original recording in MCEBuddy.conf, UseRecycleBin=true
12. Added %imdbmovieid% to custom rename for Movie Id
13. Added a button to clear the history file in the settings page. This will force MCEBuddy to reconvert all files being monitored
14. Added support for downloading info from and for movies and TV shows. Now MCEBuddy supports, TVDB, TMDB,, IMDB. The information is incremental, i.e. each DB add additional information since no DB is perfect
15. Added support for nPVR XML and ArgusTV ARG file for metadata extraction
16. Added support for TiVO files (need MAK key)
17. Added ForceWTVStreamsRemuxing=true flag to profile
18. Added support for special commands in profile sections for user parameter replacement. Refer to documentation for more details

19. DirectShow based graph stream extraction for WTV and DVRMS files (smoother)
20. AVIDemux 2.6.1, better TS commercial removal
21. Atomic Parsley 0.9.5 to support iTunes 11
22. MP4Box 0.5.0, better commercial removal
23. Handbrake 0.9.8, faster conversion
24. Some profiles are about 23% faster during conversion now
25. Cancelling job almost instant now
26. UniversalCommercialRemover=true now forces all commercial removal to happen post conversion, unless PreConversionCommercialRemover=true is specified
27. Added PreConversionCommercialRemover=true. This forces all commercials to be cut before the conversion
28. Added %airhourampm%, %recordhourampm% to custom commands and custom rename. Added %recordhour% to custom commands
29. If user specifies Audio language selection in profile.conf parameters, MCEBuddy will not override it
30. Only isolate audio language is specifically request by user (i.e. not set to <default>). Otherwise it leave audio track selection to the encoders
31. CustomCommand Month,Day,Hour,Minute are single digit numbers by default i.e. 9 instead of 09
32. Support multiple audio tracks in output file. If you select <Default> as the Audio Language in the conversion options AND add "-map 0:a -map 0:v" in the ffmpeg-video section for the ffmpeg profile and it will copy/convert all audio tracks. This only works with ffmpeg profiles
33. Handles files with corrupted audio / 0 channel audio better and faster.
34. Normal naming convention does not use record date in the name if the season and episode information are available
35. Extracting Showname and AirDate from Filename (SHOWNAME_YYYYMMDD_XYZ or SHOWNAME_YYYYMMDD) for Metadata lookup
36. Added %srtfile%, %edlfile% and %workingpath% in custom commands
37. Check for Showanalyzer before installing
38. Archive/Delete original SRT, EDL and XML files as configured with source recording
39. Support for audio delay for any format
40. Added AllowH264CopyRemuxing=true in profiles.conf to remux H264 files without recoding, allowing to convert H264 WTV to MP4,MKV,TS etc without recoding
41. Support for virtually any extension through <encoder>-remuxto
42. If MCEBuddy finds an XML file in the temp directory it moves it to the destination folder along with the converted file (useful if Comskip is set to generate XML files or any other app/tool)
43. Clicking the X button minimized MCEBuddy. Press the “ESC” key or close button to close MCEBuddy
44. Custom Commands now supports %season%## and %episode%##
45. Added support for iPad, iPad HiRes and iPhone HiRes profiles
46. Added a parameter section for DVRMSRemux in mcebuddy.conf for remuxing DVRMS files
47. Added a 2 new translation languages, Malay and Urdu
48. More accurate matching on TVDB and MovieDB for names, now ignores whitespaces and special characters
49. Added a flag in mcebuddy.conf to IgnoreCopyProtection=true. When set the conversion will log an error it if encounters a copy protected video but will continue conversion
50. Improved handling of corrupted and H264 remuxing
51. Better support for detecting hung processes
52. Improved Subtitles sync when cutting commercials. Can be adjusted using the SubtitleSegmentOffset=x.x parameter in mcebuddy.conf
53. Added message to show version mismatch between the client and engine
54. Event logs are now taken from the remote engine machine
55. Added support for the latest version of ffmpeg which has broken WTV and MP4 support, refer to ffmpeg bug #2227

56. Non TS/DVRMS/WTV files not remuxed when commercial removal disabled
57. <encoder>- unsupported flag was broken in 2.3.11
58. Conversion failures due to Zero Channel audio tracks which caused Trimming and conversion issues for TS and WTV files
59. Custom Commands, some parameters broken
60. Hang if get MediaInfo is clicked while paused
61. Cropping, causing the conversion to fail sometimes
62. Very small cuts (<5 seconds) sometimes caused the commercial removal to fail
63. Some WTV files are not being read by FFMPEG, use RemuxSupp instead
64. When there are over 1000 files in the queue, the GUI starts flashing and stops responding
65. Copy encoder which would cause TS from WTV/DVRMS/TS to accidentally delete the original TS file
66. Audio video sync for AVI Mpeg2 profiles and provided more redundancy options. TS and AVI MPEG2 profiles have been renamed to better consistency
67. Archive & Delete Original now only take effect if the recorded file and converted files don’t have the same name and paths
68. Audio delay now working properly with support for multiple audio streams
69. MCEBuddy now prefers non-impaired audio streams ONLY when the audio language has been selected in the conversion task page. This is to avoid blank audio streams (impaired)
70. Remote Client not able to remember remote engine name
71. Sometimes downloading series information from TVDB/MovieDB would get the wrong country / show or blank information
72. Fixed ffmpeg based profiles for devices (lack of “” in vf filter would cause conversion to fail)
73. Fixed aspect ratio / stretching of some SD recordings
74. Changing the language locale started a new app
75. BigFix: Closed captions offset not always consistent when using handbrake
76. Fix an issue with the metadata encoding, now it supports local encodings instead of Latin-1 or UTF-8
77. Re-remuxing audio due to zero channel audio with language selection leading to wrong audio track selection
78. While removing commercials from a TS file, if there are more than 1 audio track they extra tracks would get lost leaving the converted file with only 1 audio track (randomly chosen)
79. In constant quality mode (e.g. -qscale) MCEBuddy will not adjust the quality to compensate for resolution changes since it is constant quality
80. With rename only, files now follow the settings of Delete Original, Archive and Sync Converted Files
81. Screen now scrolls properly if the form size is larger than usable screen size
82. Network credentials for new tasks before saving sometimes did not work
83. Forcing a IMDB movieid for movies did not work
84. Invalid duration checking for video sometimes caused conversion failure
85. Don’t sent conversion failure eMail if meta match filter fails
86. General Settings were not saved if changed before Conversion Tasks or Monitor Tasks were updated
87. Closed captions extraction would cause the conversion to fail with commercial cutting was enabled
88. ShowMedia Info caused the GUI to crash
89. Commercial removal would fail with empty EDL files
90. [ and ] are not allowed in filenames since it messes up the History and Conf INI files
91. If SRT files were empty, conversion would fail
92. Major bug which prevented MCEBuddy from monitoring and writing to some directories (both local and remote). Now ALL remote files will need a username and password to connect to the network resource UNLESS the remote drive accepts guest OR everyone authentication. MCEBuddy does NOT support mapped drives.
93. Sync converted file now also deletes EDL, SRT and XML files along with the converted file
94. Commercial removal would fail if a ‘ character was in the filename
95. Some recordings would lead to no audio in the converted file
96. Accidentally deleted EDL and SRT files after a successful conversion
97. CustomCommandParameters are now NOT enclosed in Double Quotes. If the application requires Double Quotes, you need to enclose the parameters in double quotes in CustomCommandParameters. E.g. “%episodename%”.

Reviews for this release

excellent tool, does what "Life-Extender" and "WTV Watcher" does, and more, all in one. simple to configure and use. Brilliant.
by p3ngwin on Apr 29, 2013 at 7:59 PM
I love this program. No more to say.
by mikedavismd on Apr 13, 2013 at 6:36 PM
best release ever. very stable and chock full of nice features and customizations added. thanks
by vladik007 on Apr 10, 2013 at 8:44 PM
Thanks been waiting for this release for a long time. Great work and thank you the hard work and dedication. You guys rock! This is hands down one of the best software I've used.
by hunnypuppy on Apr 8, 2013 at 1:42 AM