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MCEBuddy 2.3.14

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Released: Nov 19, 2013
Updated: Mar 4, 2014 by rboy1
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Release Notes

2.3.14 release is available through the Early Access Program. Click here for details and to get access to the latest releases.

The last free downloadable release is 2.3.13 which can accessed at

UPDATED build to fix MKV Fast profile crash.

Refer to Release Notes for complete list of changes.

Changelog for 2.3.14
1. Support for multiple monitors and super low resolution mode (640x480). Now you can use MCEBuddy on your TV screen and not lose the button at the bottom of the screen.
2. Option in Conversion Task -> Expert Settings to configure conversion new tasks to top or bottom of queue
3. Support to drag and drop folders onto the queue
4. Option to filter based on show type (Movie or Shows) in the conversion task settings
5. Option in Conversion Task Settings for automatically importing converted files into the iTunes library and Windows Media Player (WMP) library
6. Option to Select the best soundtrack in Conversion Task -> Advanced Settings (enabled by default). When this option is selected MCEBuddy will let the encoder (ffmpeg or handbrake) choose the best audio track. Use this if you’re ending up with the wrong sound track after conversion. When selected this will only create a single audio track in the converted file. If you want ALL the audio tracks in the converted file then you need to uncheck this box. NOTE: If you want to keep all the audio tracks in the converted file will need to uncheck this box (multiple audio tracks only work with supported profiles like TS, WTV, MP4 and MKV).
7. Support for parental rating in custom commands and custom file renaming, %rating%
8. Support for manually specifying logon network credentials under Expert Settings for shared network files when adding using the Add button or dragging and dropping from a network share.
10. Option to skip reconverting videos that have been converted in the past (based on history file and name of destination file)
11. Support for forcing commercial segment joining tool CommercialMergeTool=ffmpeg/avidemux in profiles.conf
12. Option under Conversion->Expert Settings to Skip copying original files. DO NOT USE UNLESS ABSOLUTELY SURE.
13. Post movement of converted file to destination folder custom command (PostCustomCommand)
14. Pre metadata extraction custom command (very start of the conversion process). Useful for using custom scripts to extract metadata for the recording from the databases/sources so that MCEBuddy can process it (e.g. writing a script to extract metadata for the recording from the DVBLink recording database into a XML file that can be processed by MCEBuddy). (PreMetaCustomCommand)
15. New profile for 3gp (h263) complaint video with CIF resolution for older smart phones
16. Added auto deinterlacing/telecine detection as a profile option (AutoDeinterlace=true) and also the Conversion Task Settings (Detect and optimize video quality)
17. Added standalone command line version of the service (MCEBuddy.ServiceCMD.exe). You can use this and disable the MCEBuddy service if you want.

18. Set of new Unprocessed profiles that are UBER FAST but don’t process the video other than removing the commercials and preserves the original quality.
19. Custom built ffmpeg using stable code base with improved speed (upto 20% faster and improved AAC audio codecs quality)
20. H264 remuxing speeds up by 80%. Now by default AllowH264CopyRemuxing is set to true. Comskip supports basic H264 commercial detection, consider using the Donator version of Comskip to speed up the commercial detection (
21. Forcing Series ID replaced with a NEW page to correct the Show title or force imdb/tvdb series id, add multiple rows to process multiple shows per conversion task or leave one row to apply to all shows. NOTE: Users currently using this feature will need to RE-ENTER the Force Series ID data after upgrading.
22. Support for user resizeable “stretchy” windows for the main page
23. Support for dynamic resizing of windows to avoid missing controls at low resolutions and while changing monitors/TV’s (second screen)
24. Improved GUI status page layout, more intuitive. History button is now on status page
25. Option to force recording type as Movie or TV Series in conversion expert settings to enhance downloading metadata from the internet for non WTV files
26. Improved eMail notifications
28. Larger history (INI) file (about 45,000 sections, each section can have about 1500 entries)
29. Improved metadata support for WTV and WMV files
30. Updated comskip to 0.81.056
33. MP4, MKV and M4V profiles now support multiple audio tracks by default
34. Reduce CPU utilization while GUI is minimized
36. Optimized frame references while encoding to speed up encoding for MP4, M4V, MKV, iPhone, iPad profiles. About 20%-30% faster now for high quality and normal profiles
37. Now when MCEBuddy is outside scheduled conversion times it will PAUSE the conversion (in addition to not starting a new one) and will resume it when within conversion scheduled times. Also when switching back to A/C power it will check if it’s within scheduled conversion time before resuming
38. Option to “one-time” manually resume conversion when auto paused outside conversion schedule
43. Ignore copy protection option has been moved to conversion task expert settings (instead of general expert settings). NOTE: You will need to reset the ignore copy protection setting after upgrading MCEBuddy
44. CustomCommand now runs after renaming the converted file, BEFORE moving to the destination folder (while still in temp working folder). So now %convertedfile% will give the final file name and not the intermediary file name.
45. Custom command with blank parameters
47. Increased the limit of maximum files in manual queue from ~800 to ~300,000
48. Improved performance by reducing the number of network read and copy operations
51. Support for ffmpeg -b:v format for bitrate definition in profiles
52. Rename and move only option now renamed and independent to rename files options
54. Support for DVD profiles (TS and VOB)
55. Better mkv support (no remuxing from mp4 to mkv, direct encoding)
56. Option to profile CopyLogFile=true to copy the comskip generated log file to the output directory
57. Support to create chapter markers even if the commercials have been removed, the markers represent the end of a commercial scene
58. Option to Embed subtitles and chapters under Conversion Task -> Expert Settings to explicitly enable to disable adding the subtitles and chapters to the converted file. Some older players don’t support embedded chapters and subtitles. This option needs to be enabled manually (even if you’re checking Commercial skip cut)
61. Increased speed and redundancy of MP4 Fast and MKV Fast profiles (ffmpeg option added)
62. Improved and fixed metadata downloading and matching from the internet (TVDB, IMDB, TV, TMDB)
63. Added support for audio only source files (no video) and audio only profiles (mp3 and aac)
64. Improving fast remuxing support for wtv and dvrms files
65. Added support for extracting closed captions using streams
66. Added support for PremiereDate in custom commands and custom rename (refer to documentation for more details)

67. Major bugfix which could lead to no audio in the converted file or a remux failure (when 0 channel impaired audio track gets selected)
68. Major bugfix (thanks to cmgj), High Profile and 2 pass ffmpeg profiles were not delivering “High Quality” due to a broken pass. Now actual significant improvement in High Quality profiles.
69. Some conversions getting stuck forever while removing commercials and merging segments (AviDemux cannot handle merging very small video segments)
70. Extracting Movie release year from WTV file when original broadcast date and time are not available
72. Some audio and video corruption and sync issues, especially with H264 video and TS files
73. WTV files created by MCEBuddy not being able to playback in WMP and MCE. (UnInstall Windows Update KB2670838)
74. Not being able to access network shares set for Everyone access. MCEBuddy needs a username for accessing network shares for everyone / without passwords. By default this is now set to Guest.
75. Uninstallation issue with timeout
76. Changed H.264 level to 4.0 (instead of 4.1) to make MP4/MKV profiles compatible with a wider range of devices like Samsung and Roku
77. Issue with reading FPS from encrypted streams
78. Not sleeping while conversion if paused
79. Issue where iTunes would show “Movies” as “Home Videos”
80. Bug that would crash the monitor tasks when monitoring a remote network location after a resume from standy of if the network location went offline
83. Issue in reading titles from filenames
84. Hiding window on /startmin
85. Handling corrupted TS files which caused broken output and loss of commercial removal sometimes
86. Too many files in queue or history file causing GUI to crash
87. Closed caption extraction
88. Copying history and event logs to clipboard
89. Accessibility, low resolution mode cutting off buttons and pages
90. Commercial removal with empty or tiny cuts EDL file
91. New monitor tasks added were not processed by conversion tasks if Select Monitor Locations was selected in Conversion Task -> Expert Settings and ALL monitor locations were selected
92. Handling constant quality in profiles
93. Reading metadata from MP4/M4V files
94. Issue with firewall exception increasing CPU utilization on start, now configurable in Expert Settings
95. Fixed errors with reading and creating MP4 and MKV files
96. Fixed issue with extracting closed captions sometimes
99. Compensate user provided EDL file to any seconds skipped while remuxing
100. Fixed issue with embedding ttxt chapter files modifying file reported length

Reviews for this release

Best Version yet! Great job.
by egghead2 on Nov 17, 2013 at 1:26 PM
Been using MCEBuddy for years, and it just keeps getting better. Perfect for building a commercial free library of your favorite syndicated shows. Using it with Plex to have my own Hulu!
by ckronengold on Oct 29, 2013 at 5:27 AM
Absolutely incredible! The software is highly configurable, and the devs are committed to adding new features and very responsive to user's feedback. One of the best additions to my Media Server.
by theimmortal68 on Oct 12, 2013 at 3:25 PM
Nothing to complain about, it just keeps getting better and better. Nice touch the updated interface. Cleaner and simpler than ever. Great support, thanks! Keep pushing the bar.
by hunnypuppy on Sep 15, 2013 at 6:28 AM
Excellent program - very stable, full featured ... and works exactly as advertised. I highly recommend the Early Access Program!
by arrmo on Mar 5, 2014 at 12:22 AM
by martim103103 on Mar 3, 2014 at 7:05 PM