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MCEBuddy 2.4.2

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Released: Jun 1, 2015
Updated: Jun 3, 2015 by rboy1
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Release Notes

2.4.2 release is available through the Early Access Program at

Refer to to get access to the latest releases premium program. 2.3.13 is the last release you can download from here.

All new Hardware Encoding (12x faster than 2.3.13) with 300+ new features and enhancements.

Introducing MCEBuddy Custom Cuts to manually mark sections of video to cut out.

Changelog for 2.4.2 (32bit and 64bit)
1. Added support for 2 rename parameters if season is > 0 and if episode > 0. Refer to documentation for more details. %ifseason%<RenamePatternIfTrue,RenamePatternIfFalse> %ifseason%<RenamePatternIfTrue,RenamePatternIfFalse>
2. Added support to extract chapters from source file and save them to converted file if commercial removal is disabled
3. Added an option to extract Ad markers from Playlater mp4 files instead of running commercial detection

4. Fixed bug in calculation for reduction in quality when using constant quality profiles
5. Fixed issue with metadata title being overwritten when episode imdb id was specified or imdbid was downloaded
6. Fixed issue with burning subtitles with Handbrake
7. Fix for IMDB timing out due to search too long
8. Fixed potential issue with chapter creation timestamps in non US locales
9. Handbrake no progress hang detection only applies to hardware encoding
10. Restore software encoding params if hardware encoding fails before retrying
11. Fix conversion failure when using conversion task specified temp folder with multiple simultaneous conversions
12. Fixed issue with WTV and some handbrake H.264 profiles having color distortion
13. Fix for quality not working with ffmpeg profiles (bug in 2.4.1)
14. Custom command parameters (month, day, minute and hour) output to match custom rename output (2 digits each)
15. Keep datetime translation for rename and custom params in sync
16. Fixed bug deleting source file while extracting closed captions for a slow remuxed file
17. Fix for monitor task skipping files in archive directory even if archiving is not enabled
18. Fix issue #1952, h.264 source video after conversion with hardware encoding enabled plays back too fast (frame rate issue)
19. Added check for Shownalyzer or Comskip failing, if so terminate the conversion
20. Fixed an issue with extraction of subtitles with SageTV files and added backup extraction mechanism for all files
21. Added check for root directory while uninstalling so we don’t accidentally erase the whole root directory if users made a mistake while installing
22. Fixed issue with International Unicode subtitles not being extracted properly
23. Recycle bin option disabled when running as a windows service (windows only support recycle bin from user logins)
24. Bugfix for removing links to monitor tasks from conversion tasks when monitor tasks are deleted
25. Fixed an conversion failure with extracting and processing subtitles when in rename only mode

26. QuickSync hardware driver hang detection timeout taken from global hang timeout
27. Added support for XML STB format for saving cuts in MCEBuddy Custom Cuts
28. MP4, M4V and MKV profiles are optimized for fast start when using handbrake
29. Added support to convert DTB XML file into EDL files
30. Standardized EDL format while converting
31. Added support to insert cuts in between existing cuts in MCEBuddy Custom Cuts
32. Optimized sync monitoring of source files
33. Optimized IMDB search time significantly
34. Added support for Movies and sports genre for ArgusTV metadata
35. Added support to goto the cuts by right clicking and left clicking on the cuts in CustomCuts
36. Volume increase/decrease is now shown as a % in the advanced conversion settings
37. Added option for over to write Title from IMDB, streamlined and fixed metadata downloading
38. Updated AtomicParsley to 0.9.6
39. Added support to download information using season and episode no for IMDB, TMDB, and TVDB. This is useful for PlayLater client which don’t have air date or subtitle information
40. Added %airhour12% and %recordhour12% to custom rename and custom params
41. Skip removing commercials for files < 100MB in debug mode only, in release mode process all files
42. Added support to read episode and series details from media portal XML files and fix issue with tv show being recognized as movie
43. Updated ffmpeg custom build to 28th Feb 2014 base code with wtv mpeg2video fix and pts/dts workaround
44. Improved genre extraction from WTV
45. Changed DRC to Volume leveling in the GUI
46. Added support for new languages
a. Bosnian Latin -> bs-latn
b. Croatian -> hr
c. Yucatec Maya -> yua
d. Querétaro Otomi -> otq
e. Serbian Cyrillic -> sr-Cyrl
f. Serbian Latin -> sr-Latn
47. Improved performance and compatibility with newer builds of Comskip
48. Dropped support for Window XP (particularly with handbrake profiles)
49. Added support for newer handbrake builds
50. Updated Comskip to 0.81.072, added support for newer builds of comskip
51. Updated MKVMerge to 7.6.0, improved support for HVEC
52. Updated ccextractor to 0.76 to support wtv extractions
53. Updated comskip to 0.81.076
54. Update Handbrake to SVN7149, improved stability
55. Improve dynamic resizing of status layout onscreen and CLI
56. Provide a warning in MCEBuddy Custom Cuts if conversion tasks are found with commercial removal turned off while sending files for processing
57. Added option to rename monitor tasks
58. Added option to duplicate conversion tasks

Reviews for this release

Been tracking for a while now while it was in BETA. Thank guys, awesome work and keep it up. You're simply the best devs I've come across.
by hunnypuppy on Jun 2, 2015 at 2:11 AM