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MCEBuddy 2.4.3

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Released: Dec 23, 2015
Updated: Dec 24, 2015 by rboy1
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Release Notes

2.4.3 release is available through the Premium Access Program at

Refer to to get access to the latest releases premium program. 2.3.13 is the last release you can download from here.

All new Hardware Encoding (upto 30x faster than 2.3.13) with 400+ new features and enhancements.

Introducing MCEBuddy Custom Cuts to manually mark sections of video to cut out.

Changelog for 2.4.3 (32bit and 64bit)
1. Added support for SiliconDust HDHomeRun DVR to Read (TS/MPG) and Write Metadata (TS) files (uses a random series ID, program ID and DisplayGroupID (10402869) by default to HDHR metadata when original metadata is not from HDHR files. Done to improve compatibility with HDHR Kodi App)
2. Added a HDHomeRun Original and HDHomeRun H.264 profile
3. Minimum age of file removed from General Settings and moved to per Monitor Task in Expert Settings. The values now range from 1 minute to 90 days. The minimum age is calculated from the last modified time of the file.
4. Added support for auto enabling NVidia NVNEC encoder for H.264 and H.265 for FFMpeg if supported hardware and profile is found
5. Added support for QuickSync h265 (hevc) for handbrake and improved support for x265

6. Fixed an issue with MCEBuddy screen not showing when clicked in the system tray. Now clicking on MCEBuddy in the system tray toggles between showing and minimizing the window.
7. Fixed a bug in remuxing TiVO files causing it to fail
8. Fix for media info failing causing it to remux the audio
9. Added check for comskip failure
10. Handbrake updated to 20151008180809-f9c5593 build (fixes fixed frame rate profiles issues)
11. Fix GUI crash for right click menu when no tasks are selected
12. Bugfix for TS handbrake profiles creating non-compliant TS files
13. Fixed an issue with Unicode filename detection
14. When forcing TVDB Id in metadata correction, then only get metadata from TVDB
15. Improved lookup reliability
16. Fixed issue with not reading the Release Year with some WTV movie files. Release year for movies is stored in OriginalBroadcastDateTime
17. Fixed an issue where the Original Broadcast Time wasn’t being read from the nPVR filenames
18. Fix for conversion failing when only renaming files when the source extension and profile rename extension are the same
19. Set a minimum 100MB free disk space criteria for temp/destination folders so that MCEBuddy doesn't accidentally hang due to insufficient space even if user has asked to ignore free disk space
20. Fixed a bug that could cause a conversion to crash in very rare cases while doing a rename only operations
21. Fixed a bug in custom renaming with nested conditional renaming commands

22. Check for invalid file size and set error message accordingly
23. The minimum age feature now measures from the file creation date
24. Added support for reading nPVR and SiliconDust DVR filenames
a. Movie (year)
b. Showname.Sx.Ex.Subtitle (where dot can be replaced any character like space, dash etc and it will ignored by MCEBuddy)
25. Updated Handbrake CLI to SVN7349 to improve conversion stability
26. Clarified options for filtering by Show Types
27. Added support for Windows 10
28. Updated MKVMerge to 8.6.1
29. Added support to supplement metadata from filename and also add support for parsing playlater filenames for metadata
30. Added support to extract Broadcast /Recorded Date and Network from Playlater files
31. %convertedfile% now gives the name of "expected" post conversion filename for Pre CustomCommand and PreCommercialRemovalCustomCommand
32. Optimization, don’t extract metadata from files is not required (increases file processing speed)
33. Improved detection for checking for locked files (write locked)
34. Added support for HEVC streams remuxing
35. Updated TsMuxeR to 2.6.12
36. Added ability to increase height of the settings page to expand the conversion task list
37. Improved TS MPEG2 profile stability
38. Added support for NetworkAffiliate metadata
39. The General Settings Delete original file and Archive original file options will now only apply to manually added files. Each Monitor Task have their own Delete/Archive original file options to avoid confusion.
40. Added support for reading WTV and DVRMS metadata when MCE filters dont’ exist on the system using ffprobe
41. Added support for QNAP NAS, skip directories containing the words @recycle in them while monitoring files
42. Added support for hardware decoding for Comskip when running as a Service
43. Added support to update Duration and Recording Start/End time when writing metadata for WTV files to improve compatibility with some players
44. Added support to match Series premiere year and Movie year when available while downloading metadata from the internet
45. Updated FFMPEG to build 2015-12-03-1331 with WTV and Mux Patches
46. Quicksync now supports 2 pass encoding
47. Improved the performance by optimizing ffprobe queries by 90% (especially for unprocessed profiles and rename operations)
48. Update Comskip to version 0.81.089

Reviews for this release

Completely useless. My cable provider has almost all programs flagged (copy once) and this software is useless since it does not remove DRM. Without DRM removal there is no way to use MCEBuddy. This software needs to be discontinued since it is completely worthless.
by spynylcracka on Apr 4, 2016 at 11:23 PM
You need to set your expectations, what you're demanding is ILLEGAL. You cannot legally bypass DRM. Instead what you need to do is work with your cable provider to get the copy once flag removed. Spend some time going through the forum, there is a discussion thread on how people have gotten their cable providers to do this.
Reply by rboy1 (N/A) on Jun 14, 2016 at 4:40 PM
Thank you so much guys! I love the new hardware encoder and HDHomeRun support. Great job and awesome support as always.
by hunnypuppy on Dec 23, 2015 at 11:10 PM