A quick and dirty view of the high level conversion process

(as of 2.3.12)

-> Filename match

-> Check for Start Stop conversion times

-> Check for showname filter match

-> Save the SRT and EDL files if the exist with the source video

-> Remux the file if it is non-TS file

-> Trim the video if required

-> Run shownalyzer/comskip and save EDL if not already saved earlier

-> Get cropping info if required

-> Extract the closed caption if required and adjust them for commercial removal using the EDL files and save the SRT file if not already saved earlier

->Check if pre-conversion Commercial removal is set and remove commercials if required

-> Check for unsupported combinations from profile

-> Convert the video (Read the General, Video and Audio parameters in that order, process language, cropping, scaling, bitrate, quality etc if required. If using Mencoder, remove commercials while converting if required)

-> Fix the audio delay if required

-> Remux the file if required

-> Remove the commercials if not already removed earlier during pre-conversion or conversion

-> Add subtitles (from SRT) and chapter info (from EDL) if required and supported

-> Create a NFO file with metadata if required

-> Run custom commands

-> Rename the file

-> Move converted file, NFO, XML, EDL and SRT files if found/required to the destination

-> DONE!

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