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MCE2005 issues with .NET 4 Framework Client


I installed MCEBuddy 2.2.14 on an XP system running MCE2005. The installation process installed the .NET 4 Framework Client automatically.
There is a known issue ( with MCE2005 and this framework client.
Uninstalling MCEBuddy did not resolve. I had to manually remove the .Net 4 Client using add/remove programs.
Your software should detect this issue before installing and abort the installation.
A clean uninstall would remove .NET 4 Client if yours is the only registered application requiring it; I should not have had to manually remove that client.
Closed Sep 28, 2012 at 6:13 PM by rboy1
Not an issue with MCEBuddy


rboy1 wrote Sep 28, 2012 at 6:13 PM

This is normal. The .NET 4 Client framework, is exactly what is says a framework that used by .NET applications.

This behavior is standard to all Microsoft installers. When installing a .NET application the installer check for .NET framework and installs it if not found. this is NOT done by MCEBuddy but rather by the microsoft installer.

BTW, having the .NET framework does NOT have any effect on teh system, it's just a bunch of API's that can be used by .NET applications. However if you still want to remove it you will need to do so manually, as I had said MCEBuddy does not install it.

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