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conditional processing


I use Plex to record and MCEBuddy to transcode. Recently my cable provider (comcast) started broadcasting some channels in H264 instead of the usual MPEG2VIDEO it usually sends. So for example CBS comes in MPEG2VIDEO codec wrapped in a TS container while AMC comes in H264 codec still wrapped in a TS container. As you an understand the AMC recording is MUCH smaller in size. Usually I transcode everything to MKV and H264 which takes a while but it reduces size while maintaining quality. I also extract subtitles, mark commercials as chapters etc. In the case of AMC shows transcoding H264 to H264 is a complete waste of time. Is there a way to have a condition in MCEBuddy to say "if { H264 then remux + extractsubs + commercial flag } else { remux + transcode + extract subs + commercial flag }"?
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