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Unable to monitor excluded path on separate Monitor location


I currently have several different Monitor Locations set up to filter recordings through different profiles. What I am currently trying to do is filter Play On recordings by those that have ads (to go through comskip conversion profile) and those that don't (to go through conversion only).

Based on the folder structure within Play On I should be able to set this up. So I created a general conversion for PlayOn and excluded all the folders I currently know don't have ads. I then set up individual monitor locations for each of those folders but then get the error

WARNING> 2017-04-04T10:33:44 MCEBuddy.Engine.QueueManager --> Monitor task Play On : File M:\PlayOn\24\Season 5\24 - s05e20 - 2_00 A.M. - 3_00 A.M..mp4 is in an excluded directory (@Recycle), skipping monitoring

I then have two conversion tasks, one for with ads that monitors the with ads Monitor Location and one for the without ads that monitors all the monitor locations without ads.

Attaching mcebuddy.conf file.

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