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Network scan fails after reboot of server until client MCEbuddy service is restarted.


I have Nextpvr on computer A.
MceBuddy is on Computer B and with network monitoring locations back to Computer A.

Earlier today, while no tasks were performing with MCEBuddy, I restarted Computer A doing nothing to MCEBuddy.

Afterwards I accessed Computer A through the windows share in Explorer to do some work.

Later in the day I noticed MCEBuddy was not doing any jobs which I thought was odd considering primetime TV was over.

I looked at the "Show History" and noticed no jobs had been done since I restarted Computer A.

I restarted MCEBUDDY service through Task Manager services, and choosing MCEBuddy, Restart Service and after 10 minutes or so the polling started picking up conversion jobs again.

The only thing the logs shows is symlinks cannot be followed because its type is disabled. That started immediately after I restarted Computer A and continued as MCEBuddy continued on its routine of polling for new items.

After I restarted the MCEBuddy service, everything is fine now.

Is there an issue that needs to be determined why MCEBuddy is failing at polling in a network share computer is restarted?

The log file is larger than 4MB. On a side note, if I had a request it would be to roll the MCEBUDDY.LOG every day or by size without deleting it. Maybe keeping four or five until they start dropping off like NPVR does.
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Delay start of MCEBuddy service until network connection is available


rboy1 wrote Apr 24 at 1:32 AM

The max log file can be configured through the system settings page.

The mapped drive is unavailable after a reboot because the authentication isn't complete.

Likely the network connection is unavailable when MCEBuddy tries to authenticate the connection immediately after a reboot thus it can't connect until you restart the service and it tries to authenticate again

Solution would be to delay the start of the mcebuddy service until the network connection is available.

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