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Monitored folder gets deleted some times


I have setup a monitored folder that I drag videos into. Half the time, when the videos are all done processing, the monitoring folder ends up getting deleted. I have the task setup to delete the original file after the conversion is complete and it deletes the parent folder if this is the last file in the folder.

MCEBuddy Version: 2.4 Beta 7

Example Folder Layout
C:\Videos\TV Shows
Show Title
Season Number
Show Title - S01E01 - Show Description.mp4
In the above example, RemoveCommercials is the folder I am telling MCEBuddy to monitor for new videos and delete the original file after conversion is complete. Below are the options I set when making this Conversion Task. I normally trigger this by dragging a folder at the Show Title level into the RemoveCommericals folder.

I hope I have given enough information.

Conversion Task Settings:

Profile: MP4 Normal

Destination: C:\Videos\TV Shows\Converted

Ad remover: Yes (Comskip) <- I am using the donor version

Renaming and Sorting:
  • Rename and sort by video information
Audio and Video:
Max width: 1920
Quality: +0%
+Detec and optimize video quality
Volume: 0.0%
+Select best soundtrack
+Multichannel audio
Audio Language: Default

Expert Settings:

Media Information Management:
+Download Information
Force Show Type: Default
+Add Information

Selection Filters:
+Select Monitor Locations
+Skip Reconversion

Audio and Video:
+Cut Start 4
+Cut End 6
+Volume Leveling
+Hardware acceleration

+Ignore copy protection

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rboy1 wrote May 26 at 1:24 PM

With the above setup if you have checked the option to delete original video it will delete the sub folders inside RemoveCommercials but not RemoveCommercials itself. If it's doing that please attach MCEBuddy.log file

SweetLouHD wrote May 27 at 8:27 PM

My log file is 60MB large at the moment so I deleted it and will generate a new one. I will need a little time to re-create the issue. Any announced plans to migrate this project? Considering CodePlex is shutting down.

wrote May 28 at 12:10 AM

SweetLouHD wrote May 28 at 12:10 AM

Ok, I ran a single tv show through and sure enough it deleted the folder again. Here is the log file.

rboy1 wrote Jun 4 at 4:13 PM

Thanks for the logs, will try to replicate it.

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