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problem with converting and file recognition


I have been trying to solve a "catch22" with the use of MCEB. I am trying to use it to strip commercials with the use of Comskip. Both Comskip and MCEB are donator versions. If I have MCEB add information to a video recording, the file conversion is put in a place that Plex doesn't recognize. Example: Plex records and places it in DVR/SHOW/EPISODE, the conversion is then placed in DVR/EPISODE. If I try and customize the location or don't have MCEB add information then the conversion never happens.

I have read in older posts that this could be due to the files being recorded in .ts format. Any changes that I make, results in a failed outcome. Either Plex doesn't recognize and list, information is lost, or the conversion fails.


rboy1 wrote Jun 4 at 4:10 PM

Please attach your conversion logs.

Also give a specific example with the log of what you're trying to do and where it's placing the file. The location is driven by the metadata available to mcebuddy.

The conversion should always take place no matter what the metadata says. Please provide a log which shows a failed conversion due to metadata unavailability.