Configuration setting suggestion - Temp folder

MBEBuddy 2.3.15 Any chance the 'Temp folder' setting could be moved to the 'Conversion tasks' page? I'm still thinking how to reduce disk contention and it seems reasonable to say 'read the source...

Id #1860 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Apr 15 at 9:39 PM by rboy1 | Created: Apr 15 at 8:34 PM by rboy1

Converted TV Burned in captions

My wife is hearing impaired so captions is pretty high on our list. Currently using the latest version of the beta and it seems like the captions are sometimes "Burned in". When this happens you ...

Id #1851 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Apr 3 at 12:25 PM by rboy1 | Created: Apr 3 at 11:54 AM by rboy1

Converting to wmv - Aspect Ratio

Hopefully someone can tell me what I am doing wrong. Trying to use MCEBuddy to convert ts files to wmv files. When they convert they change from being 16x9 to being squashed to 4x3. I have tried a...

Id #1848 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Mon at 1:05 AM by rboy1 | Created: Apr 2 at 10:13 AM by nhill

Feature request: Command Line Pause

It would be great to be able to pause MCEBuddy from a command line. I use Robocopy to move my media files from my recorder to my converter, but Robocopy and MCEBuddy are both resource intensive an...

Id #1847 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Apr 1 at 4:06 PM by rboy1 | Created: Mar 31 at 12:39 PM by jmiller317

add %destinationpath% as variable

Define the full path of the destination file.

Id #1845 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Apr 8 at 3:22 PM by nyplayer | Created: Mar 25 at 9:39 PM by nyplayer

Distributed Encoding

I was wondering if the option to select another engine will actually allow to use multiple servers to re-encode MCE files thus reducing encoding time. I have added another engine but it then just u...

Id #1844 | Release: None | Updated: Today at 12:11 AM by JuliusPIV | Created: Mar 24 at 10:48 AM by rboy1

Handbrake profile custom framerates

Sorry for the late response I have been traveling...OK yes I checked the issues and it does seem to have an issue with framerates. The shows that appear fine have a frame rate of the recorded show...

Id #1843 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Mar 24 at 10:46 AM by rboy1 | Created: Mar 24 at 10:46 AM by rboy1

Enable Skip remuxing option while renaming only and skip remuxing if donator version is found

That's correct, I missed it out, it's creating a TS file for comskip to work. I will see how to optimize the code, if you're using the donator version and only using comskip it can skip remuxing to...

Id #1840 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Thu at 6:21 PM by dpackham | Created: Mar 19 at 5:08 AM by rboy1

Option to weight air date higher than episode name

I would like to submit a request for an option to give priority to the show's air date over the episode name when matching against TheTVDB. The current way works perfectly well for series that hav...

Id #1830 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Mar 1 at 2:18 PM by rboy1 | Created: Feb 26 at 12:17 AM by rboy1

Start and Stop feature not working

I have been trying to get start and stop to work M-F stopping at 7:00 pm and starting again at 10:00 pm. WMC is particularly busy at those times and even though the PC disk is 7200 rpm it still ver...

Id #1826 | Release: MCEBuddy 2.3.15 | Updated: Mar 2 at 3:36 AM by rboy1 | Created: Feb 23 at 1:29 AM by eieio