"Just wanted to let you all know that I wish I had donated earlier. Joining your Early Access Program is a more than reasonable cost for what you're offering. The latest version of MCE Buddy and Comskip are super fast and so much more accurate. Having an evening's television show(s) converted, all the commercials removed and ready to be put onto my iPad for the train commute to work in the morning is never a problem now. With the "free" version of the software, while still a solid product, sometimes the conversion was still going on the next morning and I would have to wait until the next day to watch. With your latest, 50% faster, version the conversion never goes past 2 am for a night with several TV programs I record with Windows Media Center. Thank you to everyone who worked on the project and contributed."

- PatrickMc

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MCEBuddy 2.x

Convert Videos, Remove Commercials and Ads for your Windows Media Center, Recorded TV and any Video.

Our Rules

#1 Focus on the user and all else will follow (thanks Google)

#2 Refer to #1


Convert Videos, Remove Commercials and Ads for your Windows Media Center, TV Recordings and any other Video.

MCEBuddy takes your video recordings and REMOVES COMMERCIALS and Advertisements while converting your recordings into formats that are usable on other systems and portable devices. It does all of this automatically in the background with a minimum of fuss and little technical knowledge required.

Converts from WTV, DVR-MS, TS, MPEG and many other formats. Converts to WTV, MP4 , AVI, MKV, portable devices and others. Removes Commercials. Converts in the background at scheduled times. It also integrates with your iTunes and WMP libraries to keep them up to date.

Very easy simple user interface for basic users and an advanced options interface for power users to tweak the quality, volume, trim videos, extract subtitles, schedules, custom file renaming, eMail notifications, downloading show information from the internet, selecting audio language and many more features.

If you have a newer computer, it provides super fast conversion using the latest generation OpenCL and QuickSync hardware encoders to reduce your conversion time from hours to minutes.

Check out the Getting Started User Guide here. More documentation here.


  • Remove Commercials & Advertisements
  • Convert TV Videos and Recordings (HDX/HD/SD)
  • Shrink TV Recordings & Videos
  • Schedule Conversions
  • Multiple Simultaneous Conversions
  • Monitor Folders (runs in the background as a lightweight service even without user logon)
  • Batch processing, queue files manually or monitor folders for new files
  • Multi-channel Audio Support (AC3, DTS, AAC)
  • Multilingual Audio Language Selection
  • Multiple Audio Tracks
  • Simple Controls to Skip Cropping, Limit Video Width, Volume Adjustment, Quality Adjustment and more
  • Extract and Embed Closed Captions as Subtitles, burn Subtitles into the Video
  • Trim Videos
  • Custom File and Folder Renaming
  • eMail Notifications
  • Creating Chapters as Commercial Markers instead of Cutting Commercials
  • Archiving, Syncing Folders and Conversions
  • International/Regional Languages Support (44+ languages) and Unicode files
  • Supports WTV, DVR-MS, TS, MPG, MKV, MP4, AVI, WMV, TiVO (with MAK) and more
  • Support for Accessibility (Large Fonts / DPI Scaling)
  • Import converted/processed files automatically into the iTunes library and Windows Media Player (WMP) Library with categorization (TV Shows, Movie etc based on metadata)
  • Supports iTunes Style Metadata
  • Supports IMDB, MovieDB, TVDB, TV.com and advanced Metadata processing
  • Support metadata extraction from Windows Media Center, nPVR, MediaPortal, SageTV, ArgusTV and more
  • Supports multiple displays (TV, Monitors etc) and ultra low resolution
  • Supports FFMPEG, Handbrake and MEncoder
  • Supports OpenCL and QuickSync based hardware encoder for Intel, NVidia and ATI graphics cards
  • Supports Comskip and ShowAnalyzer
  • Supports Custom Commands/Programs
  • Support for Mobile/Portable devices (iPhone, iPad, Roku, Samsung, Blackberry, Zune, iRiver, Nokia, Meizu, PSP, PS3, XBox, Zen etc)
  • UPnP / NAT and Remote connections (control multiple engines from a mobile/desktop client remotely)
  • Power Management Support (Allow Sleep / Prevent Sleep / Wake Up)
  • Support for Windows XP (SP3), Windows Vista, Windows Server 2003/2008, Windows 7 and Windows 8
  • Windows Media Center Plugin (separate installation)


Personal End User Software License

MCEBuddy 2.x is an open source software project licensed under the GNU General Public License v2. MCEBuddy 2.x End-User license is free of charge for NON-COMMERCIAL personal use.

Download MCEBuddy 2.x here


Download the Media Center Plugin here


Conversion Task
eMail Notification

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