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READ THIS BEFORE POSTING - Getting Help on MCEBuddy and Server Details

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Extra XML files created when using ShowAnalyzer 

Extracting metadata from files and from the internet

Metadata on windows servers

DVBLink extracting metadata

Closed captions sync after removing commercials

Codec packs and crashing WMP/WMC

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False positive with Antivirus 

Remuxing H264 Video to MP4, MKV, AVI or TS without recoding 

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Help with adding metadata

first post: BerMakiah wrote: I'm ripping my blu-ray collection and using MCEBuddy to rename and ...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: WMC never uses NFO as far as I know. MediaPortal does if I remembe...

Need Help with custom rename.

first post: nyplayer wrote: I have a custom rename that looks like this. %ismovie%<%showname% ...

latest post: nyplayer wrote: Working great ... Thank You.

answered by: nyplayer wrote: Working great ... Thank You.

Bavkground audio is there, but peoples voices are gone

first post: mstrauss wrote: I have been editing videos for years and have come across many weir...

Windows 10 - MCEBuddy dead?

first post: MCEmummel wrote: Rob, if we decide to upgrade to Windows 10, does that mean that MCE...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: MCEBuddy is far far from dead. MCEBuddy converts virtually any vid...

how to enable nvenc

first post: techpro2004 wrote: To rboy1, I have a modification to mcebuddy that enables nvenc. C...

latest post: techpro2004 wrote: To rboy1, Congratulations, it works. However, It does require the ...


first post: rboy1 wrote: This is for MICHAEL A STRAUSS, please PM/contact me.

Trying to active Quick Sync encoding, where to start?

first post: MCEmummel wrote: I read the FAQs to determine if I'm using Quick Sync hardware accel...

latest post: rboy1 wrote: Most folks use quicksync to get quick conversions esp when you hav...

Feature Request

first post: ServiceXp wrote: Would it possible to add the Pushover push notification system? Ema...

MCEBuddy Evaluation

first post: ServiceXp wrote: Looking to move my entire POST recording processing to MCEBuddy, an...

latest post: ServiceXp wrote: **rboy1 wrote:** > Go through the documentation - it's all there: ...

Custom Rename, creating directory?

first post: sfatula wrote: Can the custom rename feature create directories? What I want to do...

latest post: sfatula wrote: Not sure what metadata files you are speaking of. I record 6 channe...