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Add -wtvmpeg2 to ccextractor for profiles?

first post: Trayal wrote: I've been working with the CCExtractor guys to figure out why all o...

latest post: Trayal wrote: Anyone have any ideas? I scoured the documentation and config files...

Start transcoding task automatically?

first post: raylo32 wrote: I have the donate version 2.4.6 and set up to monitor my Media Cent...

latest post: raylo32 wrote: Never mind, folks. I have figured this out from the advanced setti...

I have 2.4.3 .. was wondering have there been any new speed improvements for h265

first post: rmwebs wrote: I need to convert a LARGE number of files.. just downloaded the mos...

latest post: techpro2004 wrote: Hardware acceleration seems like it would help however, while your ...

New computer, conversion seems slow

first post: Pregenzerj wrote: So I built a new computer over the weekend. I was pretty excited to...

latest post: techpro2004 wrote: You are welcome. I am glad to help. Please keep in mind that nvidia...

Archiving to network drive

first post: jeremymathis wrote: Hello, I have fought with this for a while and finally concluded ...

latest post: oweindl wrote: as there is no way to specify a usrname - probably not. you miht t...

IMDB issues (Jan 2017)?

first post: pjangert wrote: Just curious if there's something new going on with IMDB lookups - ...

Importing EPG Data form DVBViewer

first post: oweindl wrote: Hi, i created a powershell script to Import DVBViewer EPG Data t...

Continue conversion after ShowAnalyzer failure

first post: oweindl wrote: Hi, maybe i'm just not getting it, but is there a way to continue...

latest post: oweindl wrote: Any idea ? Thx !

Create New Archive Folder/File and Replace Original File with Processed H.264 File

first post: Debbiefl wrote: Using MCEBuddy (donator version): I am trying to utilizing MCEBudd...

Custom File Renaming Pattern not working

first post: J2W2 wrote: Hi, I'm using MCEBuddy 2.3 on a Windows 10 PC, and I'm having iss...