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Where does MCEBuddy log to know which files have already been processed

May 4, 2014 at 3:59 PM
I have MCEBuddy (v2.3 beta 15) set up on a schedulde to remove commercials. For some occurences, it does not correctly run or remove commercials on some shows and does not subsequently create a new output file either.

If I let the program move on to the next schedule time, it will not recan these same files. I assume MCEBuddy creates some history to know which files not to run again. If I force a rescan, it does not find the files either. I would to look into this history file and remove any references to the shows in question to make MCEBuddy see them when they are rescanned and complete the commercial removal.

I went into the Log File and removed the entire show from each respective file name that I was looking to rerun the scan, but it did not seem to remove any history where MCEbuddy would recognize the files as new during the rescan.

May 4, 2014 at 5:49 PM
Do NOT manually edit the History file. It can become pretty hairy if there is an invalid configration.

Use the History link on the main GUI page (top left corner) and then select the files you want to reconvert and click reconvert.
The History file is where MCEBuddy tracks all conversions however use the link to change it.

Also if you're facing issues, open the conversion log (or post a link here to it after uploading to Dropbox or GDrive etc) to see what's going on. It'll give the details. Editing the log file has no meaning, it's only used for debugging. It runs everything on schedule, like your files are either locked (which will show up in MCEBuddy.log) or they are inaccessible or you computer is running on battery power (with the pause on battery option selection in the settings).

As for Comskip or ShowAnalyzer you'll need to tweak the files to your country/channels. See the Advanced Commands documentation on the website for details.

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