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MCEBuddy, hardware acceleration, Gigabyte AMD Radon 7850 2GB

Aug 4, 2014 at 4:43 PM
rboy1, I searched for advice on hardware acceleration for a Radon 7850 video card I added to my machine and found some of yours last year. You advised the newest cli version of handbrake. I downloaded the latest version for Windows xp x64 and installed to /MCEBuddy2x/handbrake/ but watching my taskmanager all transcoding seems to be getting done by the processors. I tried incorporating the changes mentioned in those posts changing two handbrake lines but still processor transcoding.

I see there's mention that to get hardware acceleration one must have a newer class Intel CPU and use a later version of Windows so I expect I'm not going to get transcoding with my videocard with Windows XP and a Foxconn AMD processor board.

Since I'm upgrading my system which CPU and chipset would you advise to use? Which version of Windows? Will a Seagate hybrid drive get me much improvement over a good Seagate SATA2 drive?

Thanks for your posts.
Aug 4, 2014 at 5:14 PM
For intel chipset hardware acceleration performance comparison see the thread on hardware FAQ.

For windows I would advise windows 7 or 8.1

Can't speak or the hard drive. But I would expect the hybrid to provide better performance. However if you're using single conversions and not using unprocessed profile you may not see much difference.

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