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Recording Defaults in WMC

Jan 10, 2015 at 8:25 PM
I am running the latest version of MCEBuddy 2.41 but run into the some issues of the recording carrying into the next tv show and sometimes having advertisements in the middle. (Although I'm using these great comskips.)

Just wanted to understand what others have their recording setting as so I can tweak mine to see if I get better results, without losing the start/end of a tv show.
Windows Media Center
10 minutes before (start when possible)
10 minutes after (stop when possible)
What are others using?

I have a few shows that start right after each-other on the same channel and unfortunately sometimes the recording are saved in one or the other file, or a few seconds just disappear. I have had alot better success after setting the time to always be accurate on the computer.
What do you guys do to mitigate this issue?

Looking forward to playing more with the "Marking Commercials Program"

WMC 7x64
Ceton infinitv-4-usb
Jan 10, 2015 at 9:02 PM
I used to 'start one minute before" and "end 3 minutes after" but had the same issues with comskip. Now I just have it start and end on time. As long as I keep the PC time accurate, it's very rarely a problem.