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Convert all content for Xbox Extenders?

Jan 26, 2015 at 7:59 PM
I have ripped DVDs/BlueRays/HD DVDs over the years and now I have a multitude of video formats ranging from .avi, .mkv, .wmv and others. I would like to take a spare machine and, using MCE Buddy, setup a process to churn through all these videos and convert them all into a format that plays flawlessly on my Xbox 360 extenders. From all the experts out there, what is the "Best" format to achieve my goal?

Thanks in advance,

Sep 29, 2015 at 2:43 PM
Are you talking playing them natively via the xbox console?, within WMC? or anyway possible?

Without the "Optional Media Update" you will not be able to play AAC audio or MP4 video. I am not sure if this is a totally free item or if you have to be an xbox gold member to get it.

Natively I think your only choice is mp4 ... and you will need the "Optional Media Update"
Natively within WMC (using just WMC) I think your choices are mp4 and wtv - Since wtv is the native format for WMC if this is your goal then wtv is probably your best bet, it fast forwards and rewinds nicely.

Your next (and probably best choices) involve more third party software: Emby or Plex, which at this time are both free.
Emby will appear within your windows media center app on you xbox, while plex will appear as it's own app on your xbox.

I haven't had much luck getting the emby for WMC to play MKVs (and it requires the "optional media update")
Plex plays MKVs and MP4s (I don't know about the others) - not sure if it requires the "optional media update"

All of this said, and I'm afraid I am not doing much to answer your question - but you probably notice that 1. pretty much everything requires the "optional media update" and with it they all can handle mp4's.

Attempting to get MKVs to play in EMBY I have followed this post (with no success)
Well, ok I didn't install the shark codec - which IMHO and many others may/will screw up your WMC to the point that it might require an OS reinstall to fix

Myself the majority of my media is in MKV format, So I'm using Plex. But Emby has some real appeal so I'm considering changing it all to .mp4....