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How to enable Metadata and File Renaming on nPVR

Aug 21, 2015 at 4:58 PM
Edited Aug 21, 2015 at 4:59 PM
Some folks see to want this information so thanks to @bmaaske for this information.

If you want nPVR to create an XML file with the metadata and also rename the file in a manner such that MCEBuddy can extract the information from the filename and XML files use the following steps:
  • Have nPVR output a metadata XML file:
    Add this line in the <Recording> section of your nPVR config.XML file
  • Enabling File Naming in a format with Season and Episode information for MCEBuddy to extract. These options are set through the GUI in nPVR:
Use S01E01 file naming format if possible (Checked)
Use Move.Name.(Year) format for movies if possible (Checked)
Replace spaces with period character (Checked)
  • Use Schedules Direct for nPVR guide data
MCEBuddy can also use the default SHOWNAME_AIRDATE_AIRTIME filenaming format to extract and download information from the internet. Refer to this thread for more information on metadata extraction
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Apr 6 at 3:47 PM
I am new to this so trying to get my head around this...

I will start a new thread but I guess here I will ask this part (so when im home i can actually give examples..)

In nPVR (assuming NextPVR???) I have the EPG data imported via zap2it xml. Inside that xml there are a few tv shows and sports that do show more information but MCEBUDDY donated doesnt pull it and the log even shows Title, description, etc is blank but the xml has this data.

so my question is...
will this get MCEBUDDY to use the info from nPVR vs going to the web then?

I recorded 8 soccer games this weekend and they all ended up as say.... MLS Soccer 20170401 112200.mkv

i also have xtreme 4x4 tv show where next pvr shows all pertinent data but MCEBUDDY converts and has none of this info so plex is blank as well... well the file name gets created and the correct plex cover art but that is it.. and filebot destroys it on me. hah last one was brought in as clifford!!!!