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MCEBuddy crashes my machine

Dec 18, 2015 at 4:00 AM
  1. I've done several CPU and GPU stress tests with NO ISSUE. Carefully monitored CPU, GPU and mobo temps. everything was well below max.
  2. I've done several memory stress tests including the Windows memtest and memtest86. There is nothing wrong with my RAM.
  3. Seems to be somewhat random, but my PC crashes when rendering with MCEBuddy. I've tried it with the ATI HD7870 and with it removed using the Intel HD4600. Crashed both times.
  4. As soon as I remove MCEBuddy, I can convert, render, watch video all day long with no issues. Plus for years I've NEVER had crashes until I installed MCEBuddy.
Draw your own conclusions. I have. I may try MCEBuddy on my laptop at a future time, but for now, MCEBuddy will not be installed on my desktop.