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Subtitle out of Sync. / and comskip tweaking

Feb 25, 2016 at 3:42 PM
Edited Feb 25, 2016 at 4:21 PM
I have been using HDHomerun DVR to record to a pc, I then cut commercials in videoredo, after cutting commercials I extract subtitle using Subtitle extractor. I then encode using Handbrake with a preset of my own creation. I have purchased 2.4.3 and the donators version of comskip.

Comskip does about as I experienced previously - decent but hit or miss as to if it gets commercials out and the big one that kills my family is when the preview of next week gets cut from the end. I have been reading through loads of tweaking info with alot of parameters i honestly dont know which to start tweaking to improve. I have been searching for a USA OTA specific INI.

the unexpected issue is how poorly out of sync the subtitles are. my experience with the process of cutting in videredo and then extracting subs has never given me any issues so this one caught me off guard. I had some time yesterday so i spent several hours looking at the helps and hints. i tweaked the system setting time adjustmet for Sub sync as well as the activity setting and they would change but it wasnt predictable meaning the same file processed several times just wasnt consistent and made it impossible to settle in on a setting for those 2. I have read and tried many of the suggestions it just seems like I am chasing a moving target.

Can anyone offer insight on how they got subtitles matching up and how you tweaked comskip for OTA recordings to be more accurate?

Feb 25, 2016 at 5:45 PM
There are two places to look for subtitle sync correction. One in the Conversion Task Expert Settings, this is for a static offset. Ie. if the sync is constantly 2 seconds off for the entire video then you can correct it here.
The other place is in the System Settings page. This is for progressive sync issue, i.e. each time the commercial is cut the sync does progressively out of sync. This is due to the way MPEG files are cut (search the forum threads for more details and see the stick thread). There is pop up help for this feature also.
So if after each commercial the subtitle goes out of sync by say 2 seconds (so 2 sec sync issue after 1st cut, 4 second after 2nd cut, 6 seconds after 3rd cut etc), then you set this number to 2 to correct that incremental progressive sync.

Feb 25, 2016 at 5:58 PM
thanks i understand what each of those affect and which one does what the problem is they don't seem consistent even when using the same file. As I said in the original post i spent several hours yesterday adjusting both of those settings as well as reading the stickies and the forums. I spent at least 5 hrs doing what you said. the problem is it seems to always be randomly wrong or the setting does nothing (hard to tell which) . I started by adjusting conversion task static sync to get the beginning correct, I always submitted the same file. Sometimes I would adjust and it would look almost dead on so I would add another half second and then run again. After running again it would be 3 seconds off in the opposite direction. Their was just no consistency to even begin to nail down on a time.

I am running the latest version of both programs. For clarity one thing I could not quite figre out bc of the random results was, say for example the subtitles seem to start 2 seconds after the audio. am I adjusting with a negative number or a positive number. It would seem as soon as I thought i had it figured out which direction to move I would get crazy unexplainable results the next run which kept me guessing.

Thanks again, I feel like I am close to having this ironed out, I have my handbrake encoding setup the way I like, I am renaming and moving files the way my plex server needs them, I even used the sticky on how to leave a small file behind so hdhomerun wont re-record. i just need to nail this down and then I think i can muddle through trying to get better results from comskip.
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