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Multiple Monitor Locations & Conversion Tasks

Mar 19, 2016 at 4:17 PM
I would like to perform the following:
  1. Monitor a specific location (Recorded TV) and complete a WTV Commercial Skip conversion task and then store the uncompressed commercial free file into a new folder (Recorded TV2).
  2. Complete a 2nd conversion task by now monitoring the commercial free files that were stored in Recorded TV2 folder, and then create a new conversion task to complete a file conversion to MP4 and store in the same Recorded TV2 folder.
When I am done, I would then have two files for each TV show. One is a uncompressed WTV uncompressed commercial free file and the 2nd would be a compressed MP4 file that was based upon the commercial free WTV file.

I am looking to do this as I like to watch full quality uncompressed files when I am streaming onto HTPC and then use compressed lower quality files when viewing on iPhone.

Is there an easy way to setup the different conversion tasks to do this? I could only find a way to add multiple monitor folder locations and to include multiple conversion tasks but this seems like these rules would apply to all files and in no particular order.

My only work around thought is to complete the WTV uncompressed commercial removal first, but when done, not to delete the original file. Then to follow-up with a MP4 conversion with commercial skip on the same original native file, and then once that is done to delete the original file. This would have to assume that the order that the conversion tasks are listed within Conversion Task window are prioritized as they are listed even if I don't see a priority listing.
Mar 19, 2016 at 9:39 PM
You have many options
1. Just create 2 conversions tasks. One for WTV Unprocessed and other for MP4. Just a Single monitor task is enough. Each source file will be applied to both conversion tasks. Easy

2. If you want to go the way you want then set the second monitor task to monitor the output if the first conversion task. Make sure you check allow remonitoring of converted files in the second monitor task. Now in your second conversion task enable the option to only process files from specific monitor tasks and link it to the second monitor task. Similarly link the first conversion task to the first monitor task

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