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Conversion Stops Before End Of Recording

May 17, 2016 at 2:44 AM
While trying to convert many long WTV files, I found MCE Buddy failed to convert the entire file. I posted an issue within CodePlex forums...

...and got a response from rboy1 with in an hour or so. Apparently, within the stream there are false End-Of-File (EOF) tags that tell MCE Buddy to stop. It converts fine until it reaches that EOF marker. This issue was present in 2.3 and 2.4.4, I would assume all versions would have an issue with false EOF markers. I had 'ad remover' turned off (advanced settings), 'skipped remuxing files' (expert settings). I was advised by rboy1 this is a rare issue, that most do not have short conversions. I'm making this post in case someone else is trying to track down this problem.

I was also told that this is a problem with my tuner card driver causing the seemingly random markers, but that Windows Media Center and Windows Media Player ignore them and play the source files OK. I'm running diagnostics to confirm. I have several late model tuner cards so in the next few days I should have a few additional samples.

I suggest anyone else looking to record over-the-air HD content, to choose software with a non proprietary record format that plays well across multiple operating systems and viewers. This is difficult with the U.S. digital copy guard restrictions and using a Windows based platform. Windows Media Center creates WTV files just so users will have issues making copies and distributing to other devices. However, the MCEBuddy software- when not faced with randomly placed EOF in the stream- works very well. With my limited source files I was able to convert 1920x1080 (with adjustment in advanced settings) with nearly lossless, video and synchronized audio. Furthermore rboy1 responded quickly to my issue and was familiar with the failure. This online support response is rare and should be valued highly.

Here's a link to the other conversion length problem back in August of 2014...
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