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MCE Buddy and Emby DVR

Nov 6, 2016 at 4:36 AM
I've been pulling my hair out trying to get this set up, and am finally going to ask the experts.

Does anyone have a working setup for Emby DVR, and MCEBuddy?

My issue has to do with Metadata and how Emby creates and stores it. In order to record and sort movies into separate folders I need it to assign Metadata to the original recording. Once MCEBuddy has that it works like a charm with custom renaming. The only issue is that it moves the video file and leaves the Metadata. Now Emby shows empty folders in recorded TV.

I've attempted to make my converted files land back in the same folders, but emby needs the recorded tv folder to house recorded tv. Thus these files do not show up in my movie or TV folder.

I have come to the conclusion that I need MCEBUddy to delete the entire folder that it finds the file to convert. Is that possible?

Does anyone else have an answer for using this with eMBy? any help would be appreciated.
Nov 6, 2016 at 8:46 AM
I have zero knowledge of Emby and I don't consider myself an expert with MCEBuddy. But in case I might be able to help, I'd be glad to give it a try.

It seems you are letting MCEBuddy rename your files and sort/move them into folders. When you say, "it moves the video file and leaves the Metadata" do you mean MCEBuddy moves the file so that Emby can no longer find it but Emby continues to believe that there should be a file there and thus Emby shows an empty "folder"? If so, it seems to be an issue with Emby updating its records. Maybe there is some kind of a re-scan function to find the files again and update its database.

Then it seems you tried to resolve this by keeping the converted files in the original folder but Emby wont recognize them because they are not put in the "recorded tv" folder. That seems like an odd function of Emby, I thought it should scan an entire library and sort the files as needed regardless of their folder location especially considering that it found the file there originally. Of course if you change the file format, the file name has changed and this may be the same problem as above, Emby not updating its database or rescanning.

Finally you ask if MCEBuddy can delete entire folders. Yes, kind of. First, I'm not sure if this would fix the problem you describe, but if that is what you want to do, we can try. Test it first by doing a convert (which moves the file) and then delete the original folder manually; does this then stop Emby from showing an empty "folder"?

You'll want to look into making a .bat file run as a custom command (likely "postcustomcommand") to delete the folder using the %originalfilepath% variable. Basically, the batch file might look like
@echo OFF
rem This will delete the original folder that the source file was in assuming it is empty
echo "Deleting source file folder."
rmdir "%~1"
A section of the profile that runs this .bat may look like this:
PostCustomCommandPath= D:\deletesourcefolder.bat
PostCustomCommandParameters= ""%originalfilepath%""
PostCustomCommandHangPeriod= 240
The info for this is gathered at:

Hope something may be helpful to you. If not, feel free to clarify and I/someone can try again.
Nov 7, 2016 at 10:18 PM
Thank you for the reply! This sounds like exactly what I need. I was hoping that it wouldn't be this difficult. I honestly have no working knowledge on coding a bat file. I know that i would take certain text and put it in a notepad file, save it as a .bat, and that's about all.

What would need to be modified in the text above to make this work in my setup?

Do other DVR programs store the Meta Data within the video file? I'm surprised that this issue hasn't occurred for other users.
Nov 8, 2016 at 3:01 AM
Edited Nov 8, 2016 at 3:03 AM
Not sure if we are barking up the correct tree. Before trying to make bat files and edit profiles, lets explore the issue. You asked if "other DVR programs store the Meta Data within the video file." Are you saying that you have a separate file (maybe a .xml) that has metadata in it for one video that resides alongside the original video file? If so, perhaps moving that file to where the new/converted file is placed will help the issue. Maybe also you'd like to delete the original directory or maybe you'd like to not move the files at all and let Emby handle the organization of them.

Let us know.

As far as metadata, I think in general it is lacking as far as how much detail is associated with the video. For that reason, MCEBuddy takes extensive steps to download metadata from the internet for a converted file. This metadata is largely only used for renaming the file as I don't think much of it is being actually being placed (tagged) into the video file. The metadata I get with nextPVR is placed in a .xml file of the same name as the original video. I don't move my videos so it stays in the same directory where the original was (I archive/move the original).
Nov 8, 2016 at 4:56 AM
Along those (metadata) lines, this thread has some really good insight on how format the filename of the DVR output so that MCEBuddy can appropriately find the metadata for the show:
Jan 15 at 1:14 PM
i'm using DVBviewer as recording Software , it is creating INI-style TXT files for each recording, lookinbg like this

Created=14.01.2017 08:51:00
Channel=arte (deu)

Title=360° Geo Reportage
Info=Lettland, das Land der Sänger
Description=Das Singen gehört zum Leben der Bewohner Lettlands wie die Flüsse und das Meer. Ob auf dem Land oder in der Hauptstadt Riga: Tausende Letten singen in unterschiedlichen Chören die traditionellen Volkslieder, die von der klaren Schönheit und Poesie ihrer Heimat erzählen. Vor rund 15 Jahren, während ihrer "Singenden Revolution", spendeten die Lieder den Letten Kraft im Kampf um nationale Unabhängigkeit - heute sind sie ein Teil der Popkultur geworden. Woher kommt diese große Liebe zu den eigenen Volksliedern? "360° Geo Reportage" ist den Letten und ihrer Liedkultur auf der Spur.|Produziert in HD|[16:9]|[stereo] [deu]|franz. oder Audiodeskription [mis]|[stereo] [mul]|[stereo] [fra]|PDC: 14.01. 08:55 (461367)
i wonder if there is a way to get this metadata sorted out by MCEBuddy i'm using for so long now.