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Size filter

Dec 11, 2016 at 6:38 PM
Is there a filter that will look at the size of a video and if size is greater than something, process it?

For instance, if a video is greater than 1gb, process. If not, leave it alone?

Currently I record through NPVR which records in TS transport files. Some 1 hour shows are greater than 5gb.

I would like a filter that says "if video is greater than 1gb, then process."

Currently I have a simple batch script that runs twice a day and copies the larger files to a MCEBuddy monitored folder. Afterwords I have to manually move the files back where they came from and delete the file left in the NPVR recording directory. I would like to eliminate all these file movements.

To recap, NPVR records in a recording directory. Each show has a separate folder created under that master directory. I have to copy the TS recording and leave one in the recording directory so NPVR doesn't remove it from the database then move the converted file back and delete the large TS file.