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Australia WTV H264 / MPEG2 mixed channels H264 transcoding issues

Dec 18, 2016 at 10:36 AM
In Australia many of the channels are moving to H264 and we now have WMC recording WTV files some with H264 and some with MPEG2.

I was wanting to play back on Apple TV 4 at 1080P and 720P.

I am moving to Plex and was starting to convert and rename files and have an issue.

MPEG2 converts fine to MP4, the WTV which contains H264 with Hardware Encoding off takes forever and maxes out CPU and pixelated video, with Hardware Encoding on is 10 times as fast but video plays back stuttering but sound is fine in both.

I am assuming you are not supposed to transcode the WTV files to MP4.

How can I make MCEBuddy transcode the WTV MPEG2 files and deinterlace and also handle the H264 files and deinterlace so I can play native on devices such as Apple TV.

In Plex if I just rename the files on the Apple TV 4 I have to select 720P to playback 1080i or lower to playback 720i deinterlaced.

I have paid several times for MCEBuddy over the years but never been able to get it working and just put up with Windows Media Center.

Plex especially now it has a DVR in Beta is becoming quite tempting and I am starting to use it but same issue I will have to work out a way to deinterlace H264 Free to air content to play on anything other than Windows Plex Media Player which has deinterlacing option in it.

Any advice appreciated. I apologise if I am not asking the right questions or using the right terms as transcoding is a black art to me.
Dec 19, 2016 at 1:30 PM
I'm using WMC to record OTA from my antenna in the US. I use the Roku 3 profile to convert to mp4 just fine, no issues.

What part of Australia are you from? Spent 2 months in Alice Springs.
Jan 9 at 4:01 PM
In the next version you'll be able to create filter based on recording codecs. For now just filter by channel names or show names to don't convert mpeg4 source files, instead use the norecode profiles for them.

Also you hardware issues are likely due to a bad graphics driver. Use the recommended driver version and it should solve your problem
Jan 9 at 4:02 PM
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