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I have 2.4.3 .. was wondering have there been any new speed improvements for h265

Jan 20 at 7:10 PM
I need to convert a LARGE number of files.. just downloaded the most recent Windows HandBrake and I am testing h265 within MCEBuddy also.. not sure which is faster... and I was wondering have there been any speed improvements.

Thinking I might try the batch conversion in Win HandBrake but i don't know if it would be any faster. I don't need to remove commercials on these old files because they are already processed I just need to reencode for smaller file size... also this is my only computer so its running MediaCenter MCEBuddy and whatever else i need to do during the day. its an i5 2500k with 8gigs ram and standard hard drives but my completed files are on a NAS thats getting full heh

Thanks for any suggestions.
Jan 21 at 12:09 AM
Hardware acceleration seems like it would help however, while your cpu supports quicksync, unfortunately it does not support quicksync h265. Only skylake and newer support it. If you want speed you have 2 options. Ether use h264 and handbrake or add an nvidia gpu to your system and use nvenc with ffmpeg. Please keep in mind that you would need a gtx 9xx or gtx 10xx gpu for h265
Jan 31 at 9:51 AM
Edited Jan 31 at 9:53 AM
those graphics card options are really expensive do you know what the speed improvement would be?

The past week I processed a bunch of files with HandBrake.. and I am getting somewhat better than a 1 to 1 conversion time such as 25mins for a 30min video.. but I have MCEBuddy running too so I am at 99%cpu and lots of ram

I am considering a newer i7 cpu but the upgrade will mean a full build I believe .. Its not going to happen really soon
Jan 31 at 9:51 PM
Edited Jan 31 at 9:52 PM
I have not tested it yet for h265, but on h264 it makes quite the difference. Also cpu load is much lower when converting with the gpu so you are less likely to burn out your cpu. I have a i7-4790k cpu in my system and I would not trust it for prolonged conversions but I would trust my gpu. Any time numbers that I could give you would be irrelevant as it depends on the model gpu you purchase and something tells me that my gtx1080 would be out of your price range. Please note, I had a gtx970 before my current gpu and it was quite faster than my cpu also. Maybe, you could just replace your cpu motherboard and ram but keep the drives, psu, pcie cards and case. It might be cheaper.